The Not-so-silent Night Animated Position Guide

Positions, Sex December 22, 2016

The thrill of Christmas is not just for the kiddies. Adults too can enjoy getting into the holiday mood with the help of Liberator Shapes. Rock around the Christmas tree, or bedroom, this weekend and start unwrapping passion with our holiday position guide.

Product Profile: The Heated L’Amourose Rouge Collection

Reviews, Toy Reviews November 23, 2016

Heating promotes circulation, and circulation helps with arousal. Like many heating lubricants and gels on the market and metal dildos that can retain heat, promoting blood flow to the genitals is a natural way to increase sexual arousal.

Mistletoe & Mischief: Blow His Mind this Holiday

Advice & How Tos, Reviews, Toy Reviews November 21, 2015

It is a myth that men are difficult to buy for. In reality, men are probably the easiest ones on your list. But, when it comes to buying a truly intimate gift, like sex toys, men are usually too shy or embarrassed to admit they’re curious. Whether you’re buying for your lover or drawing up your own list, a little inspiration never hurts.

Lusty Lit No. 8 The Challenge

Art, Literature December 13, 2017

Without missing a beat she takes my cock right into her mouth. Ecstasy. She grips me firmly as she works the shaft with her lips, licks the sensitive part and runs her hand up and down my leg. The light of the TV illuminates her breasts and eyes as she looks up at me. It took a second for me to realize once again that we were at a party and there had to at least by 5 or 6 people watching us.

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Lusty Lit No. 7 Work Triangle

Art, Literature December 13, 2017

All of a sudden Sky came out of the bathroom completely naked walking toward the master bedroom. Because she was going away from him down the hallway she didn’t see him standing there. “Holy shit,” he thought as his dick got instantly rock hard. What the fuck are they doing? He was frozen in the hallway. He’d have to walk by the bedroom to get to the office. “Fuck me” he muttered to himself. How was he going to do that? Plus, his curiosity was killing him.

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Product Profile: LELO Sona Cruise

Reviews, Sex, Toy Reviews December 12, 2017

Hear that buzzing sound? It’s the latest in a line of touch-less clitoral stimulators. But this one is way different. The LELO Sona Cruise is a clitoral massager that uses sonic wave technology. It is a lot like having your own personal massage therapist but for your clit. Learn more about this amazing sonic wave clitoral massager from LELO.

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Lusty Lit No. 6 Business, Then Pleasure

Sex December 7, 2017

Time seemed to stand still as I stared into his dark grey eyes, and the moistness between my legs was becoming almost unbearable. My lower lips yearned to be touched by him, to finally be filled with his manhood. But what about the fact he was twenty-seven years my senior? That he was my married boss? These were fleeting thoughts, instantly forgotten the moment Huston leaned down to kiss me.

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Lusty Lit No. 5 Picasso

Art, Literature December 7, 2017

My brush flits under your arm, then to each nipple in turn, back and forth, teasing until they stand firm, wanting more.  Straining against your bonds, you feel my brush moving between your breasts, tracing a slow serpentine path to your navel, dipping in and around, moving back and forth playfully, ever so slowly, inch by inch towards the neatly trimmed hair below.

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