The Equus Wave Animated Position Guide

Positions January 16, 2017

Our new Equus Wave, a 5-in-1 positioning platform, offers the best angles for deeper intimacy and exciting positions. Best of all, your neighbors will never suspect you have piece of sex furniture (until they hear your partner screaming out your name).

Get in Character: 10 Sexy Role Play Ideas for Couples

Advice & How Tos October 18, 2016

This holiday is an opportunity for unearthing your secret desires by masquerading as someone else. But why limit yourself to pretending only one night a year? You can use this time to kickstart all types of roleplaying scenarios for year-round excitement.

Best Laid Plans: Hot Tips for Incredible Vacation Sex

Advice & How Tos, Life, Sex July 6, 2016

Free your mind, body, and libido with a healthy dose of vacation sex. The adventure of exploring a new place give couples the chance to reconnect and let go of inhibitions. And while we like to say; whatever happens in any bedroom stays in the bedroom, that principle is easily applied while on holiday.

Greg Guillemin

Wholesome to Whoresome: Illustrations by Greg Guillemin

Art, Illustrations, Painting August 18, 2017

If the idea of exploiting our cherished childhood icons like Snow White and turning her into a sex symbol seems outrageous–then you don’t really know the true origins of fairy tales. Instead of blood, gore, and murderous intent, Greg Guillemin offers us a glimpse of a simple life lived ordinary—well somewhat ordinary. In his pop art series, princesses and comic-book heroes come to life on their own terms.

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Call of the Wild: Exploring the World of Pet Play

Life, Sex August 4, 2017

Humans turning into animals is an age-old theme found around the world and is documented throughout cultures from ceremonial dances to fairy tales to hieroglyphics inside the ancient pyramids. Although most modern fantasy role-playing now involves someone playing out a professional character like a nurse, doctor, police officer, pet play lets people act out their inner-most animal instincts.

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