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copyright: Tony Kelly

Toy Oh! Toy: Photography by Tony Kelly

Art, Photography April 20, 2016

Tony Kelly’s tongue-in-cheek commentary is smart and funny. After all, the men in the images are pocket-sized, yet their lechery is larger than life. And with the women serving as essential window dressing for the guys to ogle and feel-up, it’s hard not to overlook another power dynamic playing out—-dominance and submission.

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Nadia Lee Cohen

Indecent Exposures: Photography by Nadia Lee Cohen

Art, Digital Art, Photography May 26, 2015

Using elaborate props, costumes, and exaggerated make-up, Cohen executes perfectly toned images of the recognizable glamour of post-war Americana and retro Britain. A master at illustrating an era of decadence, Cohen styles all of her subjects [mostly friends] and completes each set by incorporating her own vintage regalia, which she spends plenty of time collecting.

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