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The Ringmaster: Frédéric Fontenoy

Art, Photography, Sex February 8, 2016

Anyone can enter the world that Frédéric Fontenoy creates, but only if you dare. With his sharp eye detail, this Paris-based photographer has certainly put an epic twist on erotic storytelling. Through his impeccably styled, yet formidable, black and white photography, there’s a strong narrative of desire and the body—the hunter and the hunted.

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copyright: Till Rabus

Figures Come Alive: Paintings by Till Rabus

Painting September 14, 2015

Rabus’ carnal concoctions get as close to representation as technically possible within this medium. His entire composition is carefully blended with highlights, shadows, and flesh tones to create a sensational textured, almost wet like surface which emulates a series of tangled limbs. Although his realism is unmistakable, it is the placement that makes it virtually unbelievable

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Eric Kroll: The Godfather of Fetish

Art, Beauty, Photography August 5, 2015

His models come from the street. How they meet is important. He generally invites them to look at his work, to see what he does. Then he awaits their call, and signs an agreement. Some of his models, admirers of his work, will also spontaneously contact him. Because Kroll does not shoot anything pornographic, he puts the women at ease by role playing or just having fun. He does not transform them into sex objects, and he makes them sexy by putting them into settings sprinkled with humor and nonsense

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