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From Stressed to Sex in 4 Easy Steps

Advice & How Tos, Love, Sex March 13, 2017

We all get stressed, and when it’s at its highest, we forget the importance of connection, making out, and doing the deed. When the world seems to be crashing down around you, the last thing you might think about is languishing in your lover’s arms. But your lover’s arms just might be the best place for clearing out the stress, In essence, sex is best for when you’re feeling stressed.

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Perfect Timing: How to Master Your Johnson

Advice & How Tos, Reviews, Sex May 3, 2016

I think Missy Elliott best sums up the general attitude about climaxing too soon when she sings about not wanting ‘no one-minute man.’ Of course, no guy wants to shoot his wad too early or be labeled the ‘premature ejaculator.’ So, to those men that have trouble lasting, you should, first of all, take a deep breath and relax. Here are some strategies to help you get over premature ejaculation and improve your sexual stamina.

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No More Rain Checks: 5 Ways to Revitalize Your Sex Life

Advice & How Tos, Sex April 14, 2016

The number one reason long-term couple stop having sex is usually because of a shift in sexual anticipation. After a period of time of being together, the focus on expressing your passion is replaced with everything else in life—family, friends, catching up on Breaking Bad. That all-consuming passion that was once at the forefront of the relationship seems to just fade away.