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Mutual Masturbation

Hottest Show on Earth: 5 Marvelous Mutual Masturbation Techniques

Advice & How Tos, Sex July 12, 2018

No matter if you have all night, are rushing out the door, or are near or across the globe, there are plenty of ways to get down and dirty with the one you love. In fact, you should be involving your partner in this intimate act every chance you get. Studies have shown that couples that engage in mutual masturbation have sex more frequently, so a richer love life.

Going Solo: A guide to Self-Pleasure

Going Solo: The Journey to Self Pleasure & Masturbation

Advice & How Tos, Life May 11, 2016

Intentions, when mixed with self-pleasure, can be a powerful thing. Even before the touching begins, take a minute to think about what you want to achieve—other than the obvious. Perhaps you want to love yourself more, get in touch with your sexuality, appreciate your body, or simply enjoy life. Whichever the case, setting your intent can ultimately pave the way to feeling better about yourself.


Masturbation: Health & Happiness are at Hand

Advice & How Tos, Life, Sex April 25, 2016

Here’s the thing—as you have blood specifically filling the area that controls arousal, this is what you are going to work. It’s the same as exercising any other muscle. You can obtain the best contractions while your penis is erect. But you’ll notice as you masturbate, the harder it will be to contract the muscle during Kegels. However, the harder you contract the muscle, the longer you will be able to contract the muscle. This is where the magic happens.

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