Whether you’re in the 99 percent or the 1 percent, sex is one thing that unifies us all. As the world enters a new era of development, the taboos associated sex toys are lessening, partly because of social acceptance and celebrity. So while Eva Longoria goes on record as saying “I give sexy luxury toys to all my girlfriends,” the award-winning artisans of Liberator GlassWorks have put their heads together to create the most exquisite toys that scream of grandeur, high-art and luxury. Thanks to their brilliant and artistic ideas, sex toys are making their way out of the closet straight into people’s showcases.

Luxury Sex Toys: An Investment in Pleasure

Buying luxury feels and looks much different than a regular, everyday purchase. Investing in a luxury pleasure item can inspire romance, love, pleasure and intimacy. It has distinctive characteristics built within its design, material, performance, and innovation—as is evident in our line of glass dildos and plugs. These toys are made from the finest materials, are built to last, and are strikingly superior to other adult toys. You’re not only buying high-quality, you’re also buying an experience. So rather than tucking the toys away, why not appreciate aesthetic design.

Designing for Your Pleasure

Liberator GlassWorks Luxury Sex ToyLiberator GlassWorks provides genuine works of art. The process of creating just a single piece is carefully thought out by each artisan. According to the main collaborator of the GlassWorks team, each product line has different artists with specific skills sets and talents for creating a toy. For instance, the glass dildo artist’s works only with the production of phallic shaped designs, while the plug artists specialize in making superior anal devices. They are all considered masters of the craft. Since the studio does not have or use moulds or assembly lines, it can take weeks of painstaking freehand sculpting to create just one dildo. This is what makes the Liberator luxury GlassWorks a one-of-a-kind, high-quality and seamless pleasure tool.

Since they are made one-by-one, the attention is given to all the important details so that you get exactly what you pay for, an exquisite piece of art that will give you an enormous amount of sexual pleasure and does not have to be hidden away (unless you want to).

glass_shannon_044Solid State of Ecstasy

We would be the first to agree that our luxury glass collection is not the cheapest. That is because our range of products are luxury works of art, hand-made from the most durable medical-grade glass. Known as Bohemian borosilicate glass, specialized rods are directly imported from the Czech Republic. This type of glass was invented and formulated in Germany during the early part of the 20th Century and is commonly used in medical laboratories and kitchens.

The creative collaborators at the GlassWorks Studio imports these solid glass rods that eventually wind up being prostate stimulators, dildos, anal plugs and spectacular scepters. Since quality is part of our mantra, we make strenuous efforts to clearly differentiate ourselves from the suppliers of inferior products. That is why each glass rod is gently roused from the box and examined for stress, color, and quality. Anything appearing beyond exceptional is rejected and a new batch examined.

Coming into Shape

Liberator GlassWorks JoeyTo make luxury accessible for varying tastes in pleasure, the collaborative artisans at Liberator GlassWorks design every piece of the collection in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are smooth, some are nubby, some a bulbous, and some are chubby. The thicker didos like the Joey Dildo, and the Vincent Dildo, are significantly more weighty and have realistic anatomical features. More than just a show-piece, these dildos allow the user to experience authentic pleasure.

Using solid glass also works well for creating different sensations. Depending on your mood, our glass toys can be chilled, frozen, warmed or even boiled. Another advantage of glass is that it is non-porous. That expensive bottle of lubricant will last a lot longer since glass does not absorb any fluids.

The Royal Treatment

Liberator GlassWorks Luxury Glass Sex Toy Zoe CrownWhen it comes to royal luxury, there is nothing like the shining, crystalline scepters. The most rewarding, and yet, most challenging of the Glassworks collection is the Zoe Coronation, Zoe Crown, Zoe Princess and Zoe Windsor. Because these glass scepters are double-ended and feature intricate detailing like ribbing, nubs and coloring, it take hours upon hours just to create the shaping. However, it’s added details like color that makes these glasswares so unique and special. Each “nub” on the scepter’s handle is carefully colored with delicate flowers. The complex coloring process is what makes the entire GlassWorks collection so unique. To add colored designs, like delicate flowers, the artist has to use a special lancing tool, with tinted glass, in order to build upon the structure. Once the detailing is complete, the item is then reglazed with an additional layer of glass.

When asked why all the detail, the master artists stated, “I want each user to have a multi-sensory experience—not just with their body but also visually.”

Suki-Suki Now

Liberator Glassworks Luxury Glass Sex Toy SukiThe g-spot is not forgotten when it comes to experiencing luxury. With their unique, shapely design, both the Suki Terra and the Suki Dildo are crafted with a bulbous head that is meant  to reach a woman’s sacred spot. But what makes these two glasswares the ultimate in luxury is that no two are alike. After the Suki takes shape, the artisan uses a special triangulated tool to stripe heated borosilicate glass across the surface. The outcome is a fascinating blend of colors that create a psychedelic look.

So Ful-Filling

liberator-erotic-glassworks-tail-light-beaded-glass-plug-alt1The Liberator GlassWorks collection has everything for everyone. The entire collection is unisex and is designed to be both beautiful and useful. But for those that truly enjoy anal play, this plugs in the  collection are superior in luxury. Since the anus is the more sensitive than the vagina, each of the plugs are carefully designed and created. Each artist involved in crafting these plugs knows and enjoys anal pleasure. With that knowledge, they are able to hand-sculpt toys that provide the ultimate in pleasure.  One-size does not necessarily mean fits-all, so that is why there is such a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Happily Ever After

Liberator GlassWork Zoe WindsorThe master craftsmen at Liberator’s GlassWorks studios go beyond just creating luxury toys. They make sure that every piece is the museum-like quality and built to last. Every a piece has been shaped or bent goes through  “annealing” (curing) for an additional 12 hours.  Annealing is a process of slowly cooling the glass to relieve internal stresses after it is formed. This process is critical to the glass’ longevity and durability. Each dido, plug, and scepter is placed into a temperature-controlled kiln, known as a lehr, and taken almost back to a melting point and incrementally cooled. Because all the parts have been completely fused into a single solid work, this is what gives the glass its strength and luster.

Used alone or to enhance your relationship with your partner, or any other fantasy you can imagine, all of our glass sex toys are true works of art. Since our master artist’s are so adept at using a free-hand method, not all glass toys are created equal. Every nuance, minor detail is what makes these pieces all stunningly unique. So, when buying one of our glass toys, be prepared to receive something that hand-made and not a perfect mass-produced replica. It tickles the imagination and ignites the passion within—that is what makes it luxury.

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