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Time Bomb: Exploding the Mental Blocks to Orgasm

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex July 15, 2016

Pressure is an orgasm killer. If she gets a whiff that you are wondering what is taking her so long, or catches you acting like you are too eager to reach the finish line, it’s done. What she needs is to feel comfortable. Let her know that there is nowhere else you would rather be. You could do this all day—and keep in mind you have to mean it because statistically speaking, most women take up to 45 minutes to reach orgasm.

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Position Possible: Standing Ovation

Advice & How Tos, Sex August 14, 2015

This is not a go-big or go-home kind of situation, and nobody’s keeping score (unless you really want to). But for those who want to explore further for a change, but don’t know where to begin, a position like Standing Ovation offers plenty of payoff and has a host of new sensations. Because this is an off-the-bed position, it allows for a deeper, more intimate connection, as well as, enhanced penetration and thrusting.

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The Gay Man’s Guide to the Wedge: 6 Sweet Positions For Our Classic Design

Positions, Sex June 10, 2014

The Wedge’s smart, simple design offers a subtle slope and comfortable firmness that adds the perfect lift to a number of classic positions, as well as providing a few unique ones, and it can be enjoyed by couples of any type, size, or ability. The angle adds incredible depth for penetration, with just right amount of support to accommodate the most powerful thrusts. Also fantastic for oral, the Wedge alleviates strain in the neck and provides easier access for the mouth.


Here are some of our favorite positions for same sex partners.




The Over-Easy


The Push-Up


The Dog House


The Top Loader


The Slippery Slope


The Dutch Pretzel


If the dark side is more your fancy, the Black Label Wedge offers a kinky edge, including built-in attachments for a wide variety of restraints, cuffs, and sashes to keep things interesting!


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