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Lusty Lit #13: I’m Home

Art, Literature December 22, 2015

Kyle followed his wife over to his favorite chair, and he sat down. His body molded to the chair, as it had all of his contours. Georgia loosened his tie, before getting down on her knees and sitting on her heels. She smiled up at him, as she kissed his knees through his perfectly creased slacks before she undid his shoes. Slowly, teasingly. She untied one set of laces, and kissed his foot after she took it out of his shoe. Without missing a beat, she repeated the same actions with his other foot.

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Lusty Lit #18: The Audience

Art, Literature December 4, 2014

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Warning: There are those that like to watch!


I sit up, sliding away from my wife Tara and pulling out of the girls mouth’s simultaneously. Standing I seize Tara by the back of her hair. The three women gasp as I rip my wife away from them, throwing her onto the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo.


I push and pull Tara around positioning her flat on her back with her pussy just at the edge of the Ramp. I grab the heels of her shoes with one hand locking her legs tightly together, and straighten them up towards the ceiling. This exposes the large faux diamond handle of her butt plug. I reach down and remove it. The motion is violent. She muffled a scream.


I toss the toy aside, and plunge into her. My dick slides deep into her tight girl-hole. My other hand wraps around her thighs to brace her and I begin to thrust. Tara claws at her own tits as I pound her. Her cunt sounds sloppy with cum. Looking back I notice that Eva is kneeling behind me. She holds my ass and hips, pushing on my forward movements to add power to my thrusts. The other two slither around Tara to both sides.


They pull Tara’s hands away and add a cuff. They clip her vulnerable wrists to the wedge. They giggle and lean across Tara and begin making out as they continue to play with her flushed pink nipples.


“Pull on my balls” I command looking Eva in the eyes.


“Anything you want” She replies submissively.


She reaches between my legs wrapping her fingers around my scrotum. She squeezes firmly and pulls down and back. I feel pressure but not pain. This helps me slow down my progress and I continue stabbing my cock down into my gorgeous wife.


Tara squeals as I pick up my pace. I pull the two girls back towards me on the floor. One by her ankle, the other by her panties, tearing them in half. Tara lay prostrate on the ramp and tries to catch her breath. I take a minute to arrange the girls in a pseudo audience. I then kneel above my wife, flopping my big cock onto her tits. There is a slight ripple effect as the weight of my engorged rod makes contact.


She responds immediately like the capable little fuck toy she becomes when really pushed towards her sexual limits. She writhes bending and twisting to bring her mouth to my dick. I guide her to my balls by pulling her hair where she immediately begins pleasuring me with her tongue and lips. My left hand forces her lower body back down to the plush surface of the ramp. I slide my right hand down her chest and stomach eventually pinning her by her pubic mound.


I want to make her cum with my testicles in her face. I insert my middle two fingers and locate her G-spot with ease. Making my wife squirt is second nature to me. I begin to work her over with a quick flicking motion. She can’t speak with her mouth full, but she tries. She arches her back grinding herself into my hand. She takes one ball all the way into her mouth and sucks hard.


She squirts. She screams letting my meat fall out of her ample lips and I pull my fingers out to release the tiny jet of clear fluid into the air. There is a noticeable commotion at this. The three girls watching us had been taking turns eating each other’s pussies, but immediately stopped to watch. They looked like kids on Christmas and were drawn forward us.


“Holy shit” one commented under her breath. The couple across from us had been watching also. The woman had her maroon dress pulled down to cover her stomach. Her large natural breast hung over the top, exposed, and her neatly trimmed bush was visible peeking out the bottom. Her husband was nude from the waist down with his dress shirt unbuttoned and tie hanging loose around his neck.


She excitedly said something to him and pointed towards us. He responded and took her hand to bring them closer. The two of them moved over to our area and stood just behind the three ladies.


We had gathered quite a crowd. A few other couples and singles looked on, over drinks. One older, but distinguished looking man, sat a few Ramps back masturbating shamelessly as he stared at my wife. I certainly didn’t want to disappoint.


Tara, still caught in the throes of her orgasm was lying with her eyes closed and an open mouth look of satisfaction. This ended immediately when I pinched her nose shut and covered her mouth with the rest of my hand. Her eyes shot wide open and I felt her desperate inhale between my fingers. I shoved the digits of my other hand back into her soaking wet cunt. The three single girls squealed with excitement.


“She’s going to do it again!” one said as they pushed my wife’s thighs back and pulled her ass apart to make this easier for me. I made Tara cum again and again. Her mouth labored for air between joyful screams. The floor just in front of the ramp was turned into the splash zone from sea world. As she climaxed I would pull my hand away- sending streams of her clear fluids shooting all over the three girls.


They reveled in it. Wiping it all over their tits, catching it in their mouths all while shouting for more. One particularly strong explosion got the woman in the maroon dress wet.


Tara’s body was convulsing so badly that I realized she couldn’t take much more of this. I release her, but don’t give her time to rest. I pull her up, all four women help her steady herself as I sit down on the sofa.


“Sit her down on my cock!” I commanded “I want to fuck her ass.”



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Lusty Lit #17: Guess Who?

Art, Literature, Sex December 3, 2014

Liberator’s Lusty Lit Contest awards the winner with a $250 gift card to Vote for the contests by clicking the heart at the end of the post. To find out more, click here.



Warning: Hot & dreamy encounters ahead!


I’ve come home to an empty house tonight. My husband usually is home by now, but not tonight. That’s okay because all I want is a hot shower and my bed. I’m so tired that I’m not even hungry for dinner. I start undressing as I head towards our bedroom. As I enter the bedroom I notice a small table set up next to our LiberatorEsse Chaise. The table holds, 2 red Silk Binding Sashes, a pair of my sexiest red high heels, lubricant, blindfold and a note.


I quickly grab up the note to read it. I am instructed to shower, put the heels and blindfold on and bend over the highest mound on the Esse with my legs spread apart. Then I am to wait for them….. Them? Who will be here?


I don’t know but the room is being perfumed with my arousal. I do as I am instructed and wait. I do not know how long I have been waiting but when I do hear the door open I am so excited that I can feel my arousal slowly running down my inner thighs.


Suddenly a pair of warm hands are caressing my butt, then I am stood up and my arms are pulled behind my back as I feel the soft silk being wrapped around my body and arms. He works quickly and the sashes start just below my breasts and stop just above my puss. My bindings are tight but not uncomfortable.


I am once again folded over the highest side of the Liberator Esse. I spread my legs wide and arch my back to lift my ass as high into the air as possible. Two strong hands hold my head on each side and I lick my lips in anticipation for what I know is coming next.


I feel his body heat on my face, I can smell his maleness just as he enters my mouth. I can taste his pre cum on my tongue and lick with enthusiasm. He’s warm, salty and really mouth watering good. He holds my head and takes control of our rhythm. I swirl my tongue and suck with the right pressure and I am rewarded with a deep moan and more warm pre cum on my tongue.


I feel him thicken and grow harder and I swallow everything he gives me. When he removes his cock from my mouth I am told to “guess who just had you”, your husband or our guest? So I guess. But as soon as I guess I feel someone at my rear. Strong hands grip my hips and I feel the slickness of lubricant on my anus. I am filled by his hard cock in one motion, thick and hard.


He thrusts fast and hard and I am taking it all and loving it. Again when he is done I am told to “guess who just had you”. So I guess. The game continues for hours before we are sated. The two men have had me multiple times, I have been eaten, fucked in the puss, fucked in the ass and fucked in the mouth over and over again. But my body is still humming with need for more.

And after every time I am told to “guess who just had you”. I guess the question to really be asked is not “who just had you” but when they asked me “who just had you” did I lie and answer their question incorrectly to keep the game going or did they lie when I answered correctly?  I guess you”ll never know…….





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Lusty Lit #15: Forbidden Fantasy

Art, Literature November 20, 2014

Liberator’s Lusty Lit Contest awards the winner with a $250 gift card to Vote for the contests by clicking the heart at the end of the post. To find out more, click here.



Warning: Hot & dreamy encounters ahead!


A few weeks after the first day of a new job, in a new school, in a new town, I walked through the front door and saw her — a tall, athletic, brunette teacher. She was gorgeous and I couldn’t get her out of my mind all day or out of my fantasies! I would try everyday to get a glimpse of her so I could see her beautiful body.


One day she wore this sexy dress, I knew right then and there I wanted to make love to her! I wanted to be inside her giving her multiple orgasms and taste that beautiful body. One Friday night, my fantasy came true. She sent an email asking me to come to dinner.


Driving to her house I started remembering all the fantasies I had about her. I was praying and hoping she “wanted” me just as much as I wanted her. I was a little disappointed when she opened the door, wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She still looked beautiful. We had a few glasses of wine and got to know each other a little better as we ate dinner. I was getting a little more disappointed as time went on because I felt my fantasy would never come true. I wanted to take her upstairs and make love.


We ate dessert and drank a few more glasses of wine. I was dreaming about putting whipped cream all over her pussy and licking it clean. She told me she was going upstairs and would be back down in a few minutes. When she came back down my penis stood at attention. She was wearing a sexy sky blue baby doll with a hot pink ribbon right under her really massive breasts. A baby blue thong, thigh high tights and a pair of wedges accompanied it. She was so gorgeous, I wanted to strip everything off of her right then and fuck her until she could take no more.


She led me upstairs and into her bedroom. She pushed me down onto the bed and slowly crawled on top. She started off slow by kissing my neck, which sent me into ecstasy. My shaft was so hard I wanted to be inside her right then and there but wanted  this whole experience to last so much longer. She took off my shirt and started to kiss down my chest. Then she took off my jeans and kissed around the base of my penis. I wanted her to suck me off. She put my entire shaft deep inside her mouth and started to give me my first blowjob.


I had never felt this overwhelming sensation before. She was great; her mouth was so warm and wet. She took my shaft in and out of her mouth giving it little intermittent sucks. It was too much for me and I came right inside her mouth. She swallowed every bit of my come and licked my penis clean.


It was my turn to pleasure her. I started by kissing her neck and mouth, bringing her closer to me. I kissed down her chest and body, taking off her baby-doll to reveal her massively round, perky and firm breasts. I sucked on them and she moaned, that’s when I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was. I continued down her beautifully toned body to her nicely trimmed pubic area. I continued to kiss her there for a few more minutes teasing her and making her beg for me to continue down to her vagina. I lightly licked from the base of her vagina to her clit and back multiple times, just on the outside.


Then spreading her labia with my tongue I continued to lick up and down her vagina, getting deeper inside her. I settled on her clit and lashed my tongue back and forth and in little circles making her scream and moan with pleasure. She begged me to stick my tongue deeper into her vagina, I could taste her juices and they were wonderful. I didn’t want to stop I just wanted to take in all the taste and smell of her nice wet, pussy.


She begged me to put my hard shaft deep inside her pussy and to fuck her hard! I teased her a little by moving my cock around the outside of her pussy but not entering, she moaned for me to fuck her. I stuck only the tip of my cock into her pussy, teasing her even more and increasing her arousal. I finally ended the teasing and gave her what she wanted, my cock deep inside her pussy. Her vagina was so tight and wet, feeling so wonderful. I started off slow and built to a faster pace.


She turned over, bending over the Liberator Wedge and I entered her from behind. I played with her beautifully erect breasts, while my balls slapped up against her clit making her moan with ecstasy. She then turned back over and we put the Wedge under her, raising her ass so I could enter her pussy at a different angle. I put my cock deep inside her and brought it out until the head was about two inches inside. She screamed out and told me to continue right in that spot.


She had multiple orgasms and finally couldn’t stand it anymore and squirted all over my shaft. I pulled out, went down on her and licked her pussy clean. Entering her again I thrust in and out until I couldn’t take it anymore and let my come flow deep inside her. We both slumped down exhausted; lying there on the bed, arm in arm, her head on my chest.


It was such a wonderful night, I will never forget. Driving home, I had the biggest smile plastered on my face and knew that it was just the first time; there would be many more steamy encounters between us!!



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Lusty Lit #16: A Scoop of Transformation

Art, Literature, Sex November 20, 2014

Liberator’s Lusty Lit Contest awards the winner with a $250 gift card to Vote for the contests by clicking the heart at the end of the post. To find out more, click here.



Warning: Sexy curves abound!


River and Juniper had spent the day with Samantha. Sam was River’s old friend from high school. They had reconnected through social media, and Sam was doing contract work in town. They were having such a good time, catching up, and as the evening went on, opening up. Not surprisingly, the conversation eventually turned to sex.


“I have three piercings,” Sam offered, “and it’s really fun when airport security sees them on x-ray.” They all laughed.


“I’ve heard a hood piercing increases sensation,” Juniper responded, though she had expressed to River that she could never do that.


“Sure, and with my vibe I’m over the moon. But what really gets me going is using my toys when I’m reclining on my Ramp from Liberator.” Samantha almost blushed.


Juniper was hooked. “Sounds great. What’s that?” was all River heard while leaving the room, returning with their Wedge. “Of course,” she purred, “I love our Wedge.”


The next morning, after being reminded of their Wedge, River secretly ordered a Scoop from Liberator. It was time to step up the furniture, after all. After a few days of anticipation, the good-sized box arrived.


“What’s that?” asked Juniper. “The box isn’t very heavy.”


“Oh, goodie, let’s see,” responded River, opening the box to reveal the blue velvet half circle.


Juniper was excited. “What is it?”


“It’s a Scoop. I ordered it from Liberator after we had Sam over.”


Juniper mustered a sultry, “Ooooo.”


“That’s dessert,” River responded, planting a deep, wet kiss on Juniper’s lips. “Maybe we can inaugurate our new room with it.”


A favorite pastime was to christen rooms, houses, even cars with hot sex. They were laying a new floor and wanted to have sex in the room before the floor was finished. After dinner, they lit candles in their new room, placing the Scoop on the partially completed hardwood floor. Juniper kissed River, and sat down on its rounded side. She pulled off her top, exposing her polka-dotted bra. River kissed her chest.


“Why don’t you lie back?” River offered. Juniper obliged, arching her body over its gentle curve. River unbuttoned her pants and slid them off, licking and kissing her thighs, gradually making the way toward her crotch. River’s tongue explored her labia along the edges of her panties, eventually slipping them off, too.


With Juniper wrapped over the curve of the Scoop, legs spread open, River began the delicious work on Juniper’s soft and increasingly wet pussy. Sometimes Juniper could come in minutes, if the anticipation and foreplay were all lined up. This time was no different. River barely had to stroke her clit long before the moaning intensified and her thighs clenched around River’s head as she came.


“How was that?” asked River lapping up her wetness. “Comfortable wrapped over the Scoop?”


“Yes, definitely,” cooed Juniper, “but I really want you to fuck me on this!” River’s gender identity was fluid and flexible; the passion with Juniper constant. Born into a man’s body, River had shared with Juniper that being a woman was a dream. Juniper had said that River was a lesbian with a penis. And there was no denying how much River loved to fuck Juniper.


“We should move the Scoop, don’t you think?” River asked while disrobing. “How about on its side, so I can fuck you from behind?”


“Sounds delightful,” Juniper responded, flipping the Scoop on its side and bending over it. Exposing her beautiful ass, River’s penis glided over her still moist lips, rubbing her clit from behind.


Juniper reached between her legs, placing River’s cock right on her opening, and pushed back, moaning deeply as River entered her. River held onto Juniper’s hips, sliding in and out. Juniper was folded over the Scoop, with one arm on the floor. Her other arm reached back, alternating between feeling River’s cock moving back and forth in her, and touching her clit. After removing her bra, River reached forward to caress Juniper’s breasts, stroking her nipples. Between River fucking her and her finger on her clit, Juniper came once more, arching her back.


“I always love to watch your back arch when you come,” River commented.


“And now you need to come,” Juniper replied, moving off the Scoop. “How about I ride you, while we rock back-n-forth?”


“Yum,” answered River, moving the Scoop onto its curved side and sitting on the flat top surface. “Climb aboard and grind.”


“With pleasure,” moaned Juniper, moving carefully onto River’s erect penis. It definitely took some practice to coordinate the rocking motion with their own rhythm, but with their long experienced history with each other’s bodies, they found their way. Juniper loved to grind her clit on River, and the added rocking motion of the Scoop increased her pleasure.


“I’m not coming again until you do,” Juniper instructed.


“That won’t be much longer. Can’t you tell?” answered River. “Yes, you’re swelling inside me.”


They rocked back and forth, moaning, kissing, Juniper riding River’s cock with increasing intensity. Back and forth, up and down, in and out, until in a passionate crescendo they came together. River exploded inside Juniper, Juniper groaning as she clamped down on River.


The dismount was tricky this first time. They half-fell half-flopped to the floor. They left their clothes where they had fallen, blew out the candles and went to bed.


The next morning, River was tidying up, picking up their clothes and finding a spot to store the Scoop. Looking down at the top of the Scoop, where they had rocked back and forth to great pleasure just the night before, River yelled to Juniper, “Honey, you gotta see this!”




“Look at the top of the Scoop,” River said, pointing at the imprint from their ride. Pressed into the blue velvet was a perfect outline of River’s thighs and ass. No penis, just folds of skin. “I got the labia I’ve always wanted.”




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