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Prostate Pleasure Guide: The LELO Hugo

Advice & How Tos, Reviews, Toy Reviews October 22, 2015

I could really kick myself for not trying them sooner, but it’s better late than never. I know a lot guys out there are thinking exactly what I thought and may be hesitant to try anal toys for fear of being perceived as deviant, or that it will be painful, or worse yet, falsely believing that anal play is something that only same sex couples do. Well, all of that could not be further from the truth.

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Get Your Rocks Off: Supercharged Sex Toys

Advice & How Tos, Reviews, Sex, Toy Reviews June 19, 2015

There is some debate, however, on if the Magic Wand can decrease your sensitivity over time. The thought is that your nerve endings can be dulled over time from the strong vibrations and force of the solid, tennis-ball-sized head of the Magic Wand. I have heard several women say that they are unable to use another toy after being ‘ruined’ by the Magic Wand, or that they don’t enjoy oral sex as much.


Blended Bliss: LELO Ina Wave Review

Reviews, Sex, Toy Reviews January 29, 2015

LELO has always been known for designing some of the most iconic sex toys, and a lot of attention went into every detail of the LELO Ina Wave. Everything about this vibe screams luxury. Instead of just a vibrating or swirling piece of plastic that can easily be used as a kitchen mixing device, the Ina Wave has fluid-like motion similar to a two fingered ‘come-hither.’