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U.F.O’s: Unidentified F*cking Objects

Art, Life, Toy Reviews March 23, 2017

From genital cuffs, to radioactive alien blowup dolls, to fulfilling your Twi-Hard fantasies, there is literally something for everyone. It’s mind boggling to know that we live in an age where practically anything you can think of has already been thought of by someone else, and better yet, manifested into the form of sexual device.

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Bringing the Boom: Best Butts of All Time

Art, Sex November 6, 2015

Evolutionary theories aside, it’s probably because it is one of the most intimate parts of our anatomy. It is the gateway to hidden treasures, and only the most trusted few are able to gain access. So let’s gaze in awe, and dream of being allowed to explore these luscious depths of just a few of the greatest butts of all time.

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