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U.F.O’s: Unidentified F*cking Objects

Art, Life, Toy Reviews March 23, 2017

From genital cuffs, to radioactive alien blowup dolls, to fulfilling your Twi-Hard fantasies, there is literally something for everyone. It’s mind boggling to know that we live in an age where practically anything you can think of has already been thought of by someone else, and better yet, manifested into the form of sexual device.

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Subspace Odyssey: Art by Sir Render

Art, Digital Art, Painting March 24, 2016

A former NASA scientist—who actually launched fish into space—Sir Render uses his brilliant imagination and intuition to tap into an entirely separate erotic space of sexual energy. He takes everything into consideration—geometry, contrast, perspective, and arrangement. And though his work is highly suggestive in a physical sense, it seems to possess a mysterious undercurrent—inducing a mild sensation of being casted into subspace.


Frisky Feet: A Guide to Foot Worship

Advice & How Tos, Sex January 21, 2016

There a lot men that enjoy giving their partner a gentle foot massage after a long days work or a helping hand with a pedicure. But that’s not who we’re talking about. The men we’re talking about are the avid enthusiast’s for anything south of the ankle. Relying solely on foot worship to enhance their own arousal.

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Sex Noir by Chas Ray Krider

Art, Photography May 13, 2015

Through his imaginative thinking, Krider, throughout the years, has developed an alluring collection of provocative and stirring fetish art. Not the typical overtly sexualized “tie em’ up” fetish but something, so well crafted and composed, that it oozes powerful sexuality.

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Like to Watch: Our Top 15 Porn Parodies

Art, Film, Sex March 17, 2015

Porn parodies, a once cheap sub-genre of the adult movie market, are big business these days. Vivid and Hustler are now cranking out four to six of the movies a year and timing their releases to coincide with the mainstream films hit theaters. With budgets rivaling mainstream production houses, these porn parodies are filled with expensive special effects, real plots, actors that can (sometimes) act and quality costumes that even hard-core fans find authentic.