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Kiss Your Bed Goodbye

Positions, Sex December 17, 2015

The bed is a magical place—no one’s denying that. Sleep and sex are two of the greatest joys of life, and so far the bed’s done a pretty good job of satisfying both. But we have to remember, the bed was made for sleeping. Sex just happened to be secondary.

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Furniture Just for Sex??? A Review of the Esse Chaise

Liberator Reviews, Positions, Reviews October 23, 2014

I’d been eyeing the Esse Chaise for a while. It just looks sexy, low to the ground and sleek curves. I also really liked the faux leather. It feels smooth, even a little cold to the touch. I considered the more popular Esse, which is higher off the ground and comes in super soft velvish, but I wanted something easy to straddle so the narrower Esse Chaise was for me. If you are looking for more width and height, go for the Esse.

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