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Peaches: The Cultural Provocateur

Art, Film, Music August 23, 2016

Peaches is a mohawk-sporting, crotch-rubbing cultural provocateur. Sweet and juicy, her musical live performances are productions meant to ruffle a lot of tail feathers. Her gender-bending identity is ballsy and contains a smooth mix of sexual imagery with some John Waters quirkiness.

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Music for the Moods

PlayList: New Music to Move You

Art, Music, Sex August 23, 2016

It starts in the toes, then moves up, slowly caressing the sensitive places behind your knees. Your hips are taken over, swaying with an invisible force. It is powerful, and you cannot resist its allure as it pulses through your fingertips. Your body is not your own, but you like what has taken control. There is no release except surrender.

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