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What’s it like to model for Liberator?

Art, Film, Liberator Reviews May 25, 2016

Meet Adam and Vicki. These two gorgeous people are going to give us a glimpse behind the scenes at Liberator. We asked them to talk about their experiences modeling for one of the sexiest brands around, and this is their unscripted response.

Stay tuned for more videos from them to discuss all the joys and fun you can have with sex furniture in our new series, Under the Covers. We give them product and they give us their honest opinion.


Masturbation: Health & Happiness are at Hand

Advice & How Tos, Life, Sex April 25, 2016

Here’s the thing—as you have blood specifically filling the area that controls arousal, this is what you are going to work. It’s the same as exercising any other muscle. You can obtain the best contractions while your penis is erect. But you’ll notice as you masturbate, the harder it will be to contract the muscle during Kegels. However, the harder you contract the muscle, the longer you will be able to contract the muscle. This is where the magic happens.

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Purple Haze: My Gateway to Better Sex

Advice & How Tos, Life, Love, Sex February 24, 2016

Chances are, some of you have already tried this substance at least once! For me, this option feels healthier than the alternatives. And unlike alcohol, it heightens my sexual experiences without degrading any of the sensations. Plus, I don’t wake up the next day wondering what happened, while nursing a hangover. Here’s what I learned about cannabis and sex.

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Better Sex in 5 Days: Boost your Sex Drive through Healthy Eating

Advice & How Tos, Life, Sex September 2, 2015

Like stress? Me neither and neither does your lover. Wanna get rid of some of it?? Good. Life is stressful, most of us feel over worked and underpaid. On top of that most days have to battle traffic, and then get up and do it again by breakfast. Luckily there is an easy solution to get rid of all that stress—have sex. Immediately upon engaging in sexual activity, happy things start happening inside you. The hormone oxytocin is released and dopamine levels quickly go on the rise.


Sexercise: 15 Minutes to a Whole New Sex Life

Advice & How Tos, Life, Positions August 1, 2014

By Adam Gates of NakedHealthy

Being really good at sex is like being really good at anything else in your life. Do things specifically intended to better a particular task and that is the result you will find yourself with. It’s how anybody gets good at anything. If you’ve ever wondered if there is anything specific you could be doing to increase stamina, hold positions longer or just simply become an overall better lover, there absolutely is.


The same with any athlete, they perform specific exercises to perfect their particular sport. With that said, you do exercises that benefit you holding a position over your partner, or increasing core strength for better thrusting from underneath, and you’ll find yourself in company with much less heavy breathing than usual.


Ready to learn my favorite particular exercises to become a more energized horizontal conquerer??? Let’s get started with your first Sexercise.




For me first and foremost you have got to have core strength. Multitudes of positions require you being able to hold yourself up, lean on a wall, prop on a Liberator Shape, hold your partner, thrust, etc. You’d hope that just having sex would keep you in good enough condition for the next round, but that just isn’t the case. We do so much damage to our bodies via fast food, alcohol, and smoking (just to name a few) that a lot of our bodies are already on a steady decline and we aren’t even aware.


My favorite way to tighten your overall core in one motion is the plank. This is the position that looks like a normal push-up on even ground, but instead of your weight leaning on your hands, you lean on your elbows, body fully extended and on your toes.


Now here’s the fun part. You want to close your eyes and focus on tightening your core and NOT letting your hips dip to the ground. Back 100% flat and then suck your belly button in as hard as you can and hold. The name of this game is “time under tension.” You want to hold for as long as you can. At first it may be hard to reach even 15 seconds. But I promise you in just a short week you can increase that beyond the 30 second mark. The body adapts incredibly quickly.


You want to do this 4 times a week for 3-5 sets as long as you can every set. Not only will you very quickly be able to hold yourself in positions that were once hard (no pun intended) you will find yourself with a much more energetic rhythm that will make everyone at your party happy. You’ll also notice your midsection tighten up considerably.




Now here’s an exercise that will show the benefit AS you’re performing it. The bridge is exactly the motion you’d be doing if you were under your partner, on your back, thrusting upwards. This exercise is great for me because I get to enjoy the show while pleasing my partner—so I get it more often. Everybody wins.


Lie on the ground on your back, knees bent, feet flat and shoulder width apart, with them placed 6-8 inches from your butt. You want to press down with your heels to thrust your hips and butt upwards. The back of your head, neck and shoulders stay stationary to the ground. Your whole torso should be in a straight line. Hold that position for 1 second and then lower your butt back down and repeat. Three sets of 25 will do the trick. If you can’t get to 25, just do as many as you can and in short time you’ll have a new thrusting record.




Now this one may surprise the men out there, but this is so important and goes so unnoticed. Lets put it this way—when you buy balloons, do you buy the half deflated ones? The more blood you train to fill up the genitals the more swollen or hard you’ll be every single time on top of incredibly increased sensitivity and significantly harder orgasms. I did considerable research for this and I am never going back.


The initial way to train yourself to perform kegels is the slowing and stopping of urination so that you can locate the muscles. Once you’ve been able to stop the flow of urination a few times you’re a pro and you’ll be able to now contract those muscle at all sorts boring events—traffic, pre-shift huddles, blow drying.


The idea is that you want to do approximately 10 sets of as many 1-3 second holds as you can perform twice a day. It may seem like a lot at first, but just get em done in the shower and in traffic and you’ll have such noticeable benefits within a week you’ll WANT to do them. Gentlemen, believe me when I say, you will notice a delightful difference. Not only in overall thickness and strength, but  ALL of sex just becomes more enjoyable. You’ll definitely orgasm harder as well.


Ladies, obviously I cannot speak from personal experience in this field, but it can help tighten your vaginal walls and strengthen your pelvic floor, particularly after childbirth. If its easier to break it up a few times a day so be it, just get ’em done. You’ll be thrilled.




I’ll touch on more exercises in my next article, but I want to stress the importance of eating clean to fuel a healthy sexual appetite. Your cells literally regenerate from what you consume.  The Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, made of fast food and sodas will not perform her typical sexual prowess. Neither can you. The first full day of clean eating you will notice gains in the bedroom.


After a week you won’t get as winded, you’ll be in the mood more often, and you’ll look and smell better among countless other health benefits. I hope you all enjoy your sex homework and feel free to give yourself as many pop quizzes as you can. Give these 3 majorly benefitting exercises a try and see how much you benefit in your favorite activity.


To clean eating and dirty sex <3


From swimming to running to body building Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling, he took a 3 year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. NakedHealthy is a representation of everything clean living. Clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.”

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