Right now, name every sexual position just off the top of your head. We’ll wait and cue Jeopardy music.

You more than likely named missionary, cowgirl, and doggy—the usual suspects. That’s okay because those are some really hot sex positions. But if it’s mind-blowing bed-rattling orgasms you’re after, pull out all the stops with the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Used together or separately, these Shapes not only help stimulate your erotic imagination but also offer a variety of other sexual positions.

The Lustful Cobra

Wedge Ramp Combo

Leaning her upper body forward serves a dual purpose by stimulating her sensitive G-spot and giving him a peek of her assets in action. The Wedge helps support his fulcrum point letting him thrust upward while the Ramp adds extra lower back support.

Driving Force

Wedge Ramp Combo

An upgrade to traditional oral sex, this almost-69 position gives her neck support while he controls the entry. The great thing about this position is she can become entirely wrapped up in her own sex toy bliss-fest.

Hands On Approach

Wedge Ramp Combo
Using this particular Ramp and Wedge configuration is great for the less-than-well-hung man. The beauty in coming in sideways is he can stroke her clitoris (or use a toy) while maxing out his pleasure with wide circular motions and deep, up and down thrusting. The angling and pitch of her hips prevent him from slipping out.

Periscope Down

Wedge Ramp Combo

Stack the Wedge/Ramp Combo and let the magic happen. Keeping her legs tight and high will create a snugger and deeper entry for him and more sustained stimulation right where she really wants it. The downward angling of his thrust makes for incredibly hot G-spot orgasms.

Rise to the Challenge

Wedge Ramp Combo
The tasty promise of a little lip and tongue action will turn her into putty as she relaxes on the Ramp and Wedge. This oral sex upgrade is as easy as swaying her hips and letting his tongue lap at every part of her landing strip from the front to the back. The extra boost keeps his neck from getting tired.

Reach for the Stars

Wedge Ramp Combo

He can make the supportive and non-slip surface the of Wedge work in his favor, especially when adding more thrust. The Ramp provides the necessary height so a connection between both partners will be oh-so-intimate when she opens herself up to being completely exposed to his penetrating member and gaze.

Secret Agent

Wedge Ramp Combo

Lovers can create loads of feel-good friction in this rear entry position with the help of the Ramp. The angle of his dangle means there is never any chance of him slipping out, no matter how hot and sweaty the sex gets. He may be the one who needs to hold on once she starts bucking.

Push to Start

Wedge Ramp Combo

The Ramp lets both partners add more excitement and hair pulling action. With the slight arch of her back, this off-the-bed position becomes something to really howl about as he pushes against her G-spot with every stroke. He can keep a regular romp rhythm while working his hip flexors.

The Over Easy

Wedge Ramp Combo

The Wedge lets her clamp her legs to tighten the sensation around his cock or widen them to give him a better view of all the action. Either way, he is given full access to her sensitive G-spot. The pleasure never ends as her breasts are just a short reach away from his groping hands.

The Rodeo

Wedge Ramo Combo

He will be on the edge of his seat as the added height from the Wedge lets her tease and please him with unexpected hip twists, back-and-forth rubs, and up-and-down pumps. In this clever position, she’ll be able to revel in throw-the-head-back abandon while keeping him pinned with her arms locked in place.