We believe that everyone deserves the right to have great sex, and being plus-sized does not mean sacrificing pleasure. Although weight may inhibit some things, anyone with a plus-sized frame can still enjoy a repertoire of positions. Experiencing a fulfilling sex life is about looking at things from a different angle and trying a variety of things to get the juices flowing. No matter how heavy you may look or feel, memorable and mind-blowing experiences are possible with any of the following positions and Liberator Shapes.


Take Flight

This off-the-bed position creates just the right angle for intense pleasure. While completely supported by the Ramp, you’ll be able to engage with your partner and enjoy giving him full access to your most sensitive areas.


Shameless Wonder

Your fantasy of simultaneous oral sex is made possible with a simple configuration of the Wedge/Ramp Combo and the Lift. Set the stage for giving and receiving pleasure and stack up to three of the Lift’s directly under your Shapes.


The Crossroads

For better penetration the Esse offers leverage and control and is a great option for anyone who’s overweight. Your man just needs to lie down on his back and you then need to sit down on top of him while straddling him. You can also vary this by squatting over him.


Take a Bow

Couples can comfortably pleasure each other with a position that’s easy to modify. For deeper, more intense penetration, rest your knees at the top of the Ramp and bend forward to rest your chest, neck, and shoulders on the Wedge. You can reach a climactic end by reaching vibrator between your legs to stimulate the clitoris.


Sitting Pretty

With the Hipster, this versatile girl on top position will give you the height and elevation needs to ride em’ cowboy. Once penetration has occurred, you can lean forward and allow him to provide a bit of anal stimulation.

Our Plus-Size Ramp, Wedge and Combo are wider to support more weight without giving away any support. They are recommended for lovers over 300 pounds. For those more adventurous, the Esse provides 360 degree positioning with a wider body than the Esse Chaise, and the Zeppelin helps take pressure off knees, wrists and other pressure points. Enjoy!

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