Are you ready to embrace your inner goddess and treat yourself to something guaranteed to bring you pleasure? Who needs chocolates, or flowers, or a man? These little temptations make for an evening of love with a very special someone—you!



Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount

You know you love your Hitatchi Wand, so why not take it up a notch with the Axis Magic Wand. Simply pull the Wand’s head out one end and the cord out the other for hands-free stimulation. There is even a window to see and access the controls. Lay on top of it or stand next to the bed and prop it up for even more fun from your favorite toy, with or without a partner.


The Womanizer

Don’t let the name turn you off—the Womanizer is a total turn-on. With a sucking motion rather than traditional vibration, it is totally unique in the toy world and creates super power sensations without a lot of pressure. If clitoral stimulation is your thing, you need to get one of these now!


Moto Toy Bag

Cute enough to carry as a purse, the Moto is perfectly designed to hold a lot of toys. The outside is a soft velvet material, and the inside is a moisture-resistant ballistic nylon, so you are protected from spills. The top part is real leather, and even the handle can be used as a cuff link if the need arises.


Jimmyjane FORM 8

The holy trinity of vibes, the Jimmyjane has internal stimulation, external stimulation and g-spot stimulation. That’s a triple threat that can give you amazing blended orgasms. Plus it is waterproof, so start a warm bath and sink in to find your bliss.


Maison Close Lingerie

Whoever said lingerie is for men had it totally wrong. Is there anything better than feeling sexy just for yourself? Maison Close’s clean lines and seductive materials make them “ooo!” inspiring. Perfect for a night of showing yourself some love!


Njoy Pure Wand

If you have never experienced a squirting orgasm, there is no time like the present. The Njoy Pure Wand is the No. 1 tool we have found for helping you achieve the goal. It’s deliciously cold and warms up with your body heat, and so smooth and hard you can hit all the right spots. Plus this heavy-weight bad boy is made from 100% medical-grade stainless steel.


Fascinator Throw

Is the thought of laundry killing the excitement of a night of sweaty self-love? The Fascinator Throw is a moisture-resistant blanket with smooth satin on one side and soft velvish on the other. It’s a must-have if you are a squirter, but great for anyone who wants to play without worrying about lubes and other liquids getting on their sheets.


Zeppelin Cocoon

Take your adventures in masturbation outside the bedroom with the Zeppelin Cocoon. With two ways to lounge, either flat or sitting upright, you will have no problem spending the day comfortably exploring how many orgasms you can have in a single session.

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