Even before President Clinton let the nation know he was a fan, oral sex has been a favorite activity of many couples. Not only does this sublimely beautiful expression amp up foreplay, it’s also is one of the best ways to show desire and love for a partner. For men and women alike, the act of giving oral sex can actually create sensations throughout the entire body and increase feelings of sexual pleasure. But for some couples that like to take charge of their partner’s pleasure, the average oral sex experience is just that—average. After a while, this type of act can start to lose its sex appeal, and the only thing worse than never getting any oral sex is having somebody “go through the motions,” just trying to get a job done so you can start hammering away at one another.

ramp6_1Let’s face it, it’s incredibly sexy to observe someone else experiencing sexual pleasure, especially when it’s coming from you. But to get the most enjoyment from offering oral sex to another, one needs to know how to properly deliver the goods. And getting into just the right position can be a real game-changer. Without a doubt, the best way to keep going back and getting more is to mix things up and use new and different positions.

So, to help those that love to please others, we’ve come up with several appetizing oral sex positions using the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo which is designed to give you a new spin on incredible mouth lovin’.

Tasty Queen

Liberator Oral Sex Positioning


If you’re a fan of the classic you-on-your-back oral experience, and you’re greedy for C-spot stimulation, the Tasty Queen offers a great twist. Using the Wedge/Ramp Combo, this position offers better height and angle for mouth-on-goodies contact. The receiver can lie back, leaving more space for the legs to spread wide open. With your partner nestled between them and kneeling, he will have greater access to all the essential parts without fearing the dreaded neck cramp. Propping your feet on his shoulders offers better great accessibility and allows the hips to tilt. One of the simplest positions for both partners, the Tasty Queen is ideal for both quickies, and long, languid affairs.

Forbidden Fruit

Liberator Oral Sex Positions

Considered one of the more risqué and intimate positions for oral sex, the Forbidden Fruit Basket will leave you exposed in more ways than one. This position offers plenty of erotic possibilities for clitoral stimulation and penetration, and of course, the ever so popular anal play. This easy to maneuver position offers greater comfort while assuming a doggy-style position, giving your lover full access from behind. Try this position on a bed or on the floor, altering your hip placement and back arch by placing your upper body weight on your palms with locked elbows, or by resting your upper body down closer on the edge of the Ramp.

Goody Gum Drop

A hot new twist on the basic muff dive is the Goody Gum Drop. Your lover lies back and drapes the legs up and over the shoulders, presenting her golden carriage of love for you to feast upon. Fully supported on both Shapes, the incline of the Ramp provides steeper incline which creates a feeling of being inverted. This position offers a whole new range of whole-body sensations and as your hands are free to roam. Your partner should be able to reach your knees to help tilt the hips, and in return, you should be able to reach your own hot zone as they kneel at the edge of the bed.

004Hot Diggity Dog

Logistically, the Hot Diggity Dog is one of the best positions to achieve deep throat. It puts the mouth and throat into one long line, enabling you to easily take more of your partner into your mouth. Because your partner has so the freedom to move about, you’ll want to use your hands to steer the motion and keep things at a comfortable level. To achieve flawless deep throat without gagging, relax the throat as he gently guides himself inward. To make the effort feel tasty and more relaxing, you can also try Sensuva Deeply Love you Throat Relaxing Spray.  However, here’s a tip for the gentlemen—be sensitive and aware of your movements so as not to choke your partner. It’s a good idea to observe a “tap out” hand signal that indicates when your partner needs a break.

Bread Basket

Liberator Oral Sex Positions

What do you think is just about every man’s favorite thing? Of course, it’s watching as his woman makes her way down to greet his manhood with her wet mouth and soft hands. The Bread Basket keeps both partners comfortable and adds the perfect height for viewing all while keeping everyone in comfort. With the Wedge firmly planted beneath her knees, she can comfortably kneel her body forward and control the motions with back and forth motion. The Ramp has the perfect pitch for taking in the scenery or for making intimate eye contact.

008Lady Godiva

Named in honor of the legendary noblewoman (not the retail chocolatier) who rode her horse naked through the streets in protest, Lady Godiva is reminiscent of that act—although you’ll be riding your lover’s face instead of a horse. And it’s unlikely there’ll be any protesting going on. To achieve this oral delight classic, make sure your partner’s head and neck are comfortably supported on the Ramp and then kneel over them, straddling their face. Naughty and nice, the Lady Godiva is best enjoyed when both of you are comfortable enough to create a slight riding motion for extra friction and sensation. Extremely versatile, this position is also great for any spontaneous 69 action.

Pudding Pop


As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. A pretty good tip if you’re Julia Childs and have mastered the art of cooking. But for those who are looking for a bit of a shortcut, the Pudding Pop is key to making an indelible mark on more than just his heart. With the Wedge nudged beneath his hips, and the Ramp supporting the back, he will be able to participate in this wondrous adventure with pelvic thrusts. This position not only lets him create a rhythm, it also gives you a chance to get into the groove. If need be, you can attend to your own pleasure by reaching between the legs.

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