Like most men, your guy probably keeps up with the latest trends for cars, phones, cameras, and computers. But there’s one category that seems to elude their attention—male sex toys. The popularity of sex toys for men is on the rise as more and more guys are open and willing to experimentation. These specially designed sex toys not only have the potential to enhance his sexual satisfaction, they can also help improve a performance. And that makes it a win-win for all!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the bounty of male sex toys designed just for his pleasure. To add more to the adventure, we used the favorite shows of men to help you decide which way to go. After all, guys like to have fun too, right?

His Favorite Show is Game of Thrones

Male Sex Toys

With many ways to have an intense male orgasm by stimulating the perineum, the frenulum, and the prostate gland, the powerful Tantus Prostate Play is a lot like that scene in Game of Thrones with its endless drama and sexiness. The waves of pleasure just keep going. And it’s hands-free, so could be used by the likes of Jamie Lannister himself.

His Favorite show is Top Chef

Male Sex Toys

If your man loves to see people cooking masterpieces in the kitchen, but still prefers to dine at McDonalds, then the Tenga Egg is the ideal male sex toy. He can whip up a good time with this one-use product consisting of stretchy silicone with internal feel-good nubs that he fills with lube [included]. In fact, it’s so easy, he’ll be beating it in no time with no chance of getting ‘in the weeds.’

His favorite show is Futurama

Male Sex Toys

While we don’t have a sexbot just yet, your guy can live it up like Hedonism-bot with the Je Joue Mio vibrating cock ring. He sticks his member through the opening and the toy’s powerful vibration delivers intense sensations. Plus it’s good for women too! Whatever the future holds, it sure is looking rather alluring with this male sex toy.

His Favorite Show is NCIS

Male Sex Toys

With suspense being the best part of NCIS, your guy will need a device that will play him like a fiddle. The Flip Hole by Tenga sounds more like a fourth-grade curse word than a technologically advanced male sex toy. A lot of thinking and testing went into this unique masturbation sleeve! Inside each Tenga Flip Hole are a variety of silicone gel nubs and textures to give it an extremely realistic experience. But the coolest part is the “one-hand control pad.” On the top of every model, he can control the pressure and stimulation with just the push of a button. He literally gets to fine-tune this toys interior pressure to keep him on the edge for as long has he desires. And when the fun is all done, he can simply open it and wash it out. Leaving no evidence behind!

His Favorite Show is Sons of Anarchy

Male Sex Toys

We know your guy dreams of going on a wild ride. That’s why the Cobra Libre II  is so fitting for his jerk-off journey. It’s designed to take him from zero to 60 in whatever time he wants to take. All he does is lube it up, stick it in, and start the ignition. No fuss, no muss! This discreet, innovative, and rechargeable male sex toy will leave him blowing his top each and every time. And after getting oh so dirty, he can take his Ol’ Lady and hop into the shower for some cleaning up.

His Favorite Show is Breaking Bad

Male Sex Toys

Experimentation is essential for any scientist, and your guy would never be too satisfied keeping his explorations in just the laboratory. For him, the Aneros Eupho Anal Prostate Massager will satisfy his desire for more—powerful orgasms. Slimline and extremely comfortable, it massages different parts of the internal anatomy depending on a man’s unique anal contractions. Why not take him on an RV trip to the desert, just him, you and his Aneros? How much trouble could you get into in the middle of nowhere?

His Favorite Show is Mad Men

Male Sex Toys

There is something so sleek and stylish about the suits on this show. Really tailored for just the right fit, and perfect for chasing that brass ring. It’s a lot like the Smart Vibe Ring by famed Japanese sex toy manufacturer, Tenga. The ring is crafted from durable medical grade silicone and has quite the powerful vibrating attachment. Easy to use, this rubbery gel ring glides on smoothly to fit snuggly his penis while the mini-vibe attachment can be turned on to stimulate her clitoris during penetration. Extremely versatile and functional, the SVR can also be enjoyed on its own, as an aid for fellatio, or as a traditional cock ring. After a long day, the Tenga SVR is perfect for playing the loving housewife (or mistress) while he enjoys a glass of smooth bourbon.

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