Game nights bring friends together through rousing competition and raucous laughter. That principle is easily applied in the bedroom as well. Playing games with your partner can offer a new experience to shake up a routine, open a dialogue about any hidden fantasies or wishes, or act as a stepping stone to experimenting with more adventurous activities. Our Liberator staff has put our heads together, and we’ve come up with few sex game ideas that you have got to try.

Strip Poker

Betting pieces of clothing in poker is the standard in sexy games, and we refuse to mess with a classic. If poker isn’t your game, apply these intimate principles to you and your partner’s favorite pastime, be it chess or Candyland.

Sexy Simon Says

This childhood recess game can easily be used to experiment with new ideas or allow your partner to tell you exactly what he or she likes to do or be done to him or her. Another great game from the playground to tease your partner? Naughty Red Light, Green Light.

Truth or Dare

Bring this slumber party hit into the modern day with a sensual twist. Ask your partner to reveal a sexy fantasy that he or she has been harboring or be forced to perform your sensual dare.


How could we not offer a twist on this already sexually-charged game? Grab a twister mat (or create your own on a sheet), lose your clothes, and bring it with you to the bedroom. To add another sexy level of play, pour chocolate syrup or another sweet treat onto each circle. Loser licks the winner clean.

5466316c0c6a99f0b8ac57f525bcda1cDirty Scrabble

Set up a romantic, candlelit game of Scrabble, and allow only “bedroom” words to be played. Whoever wins gets to pick how the night shall end!

Arts & Crafts

If competition isn’t what revs you and your partner’s respective motors, you can always turn more towards the creative side. Paint your partner with edible body paint, such as Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint. Or create an erotic masterpiece for your home with a Love is Art kit. Either way, we’re sure Picasso would be proud.

Time Bomb

Pick a time interval—10 to 20 minutes works well—and set a timer. It’s your goal to please and tease your partner for that time frame. However, there is one significant catch; for whatever interval you choose, there can be no penetration until that much time has elapsed. This is true foreplay in the extreme.

Blind Man’s Guess

This game requires some thinking and planning. Start by thinking tactile. What could be used on your lover’s skin to create goose bumps? Gather items such as feathers, ice, a piece of fur, light string or rope, a length of silk, wool, and a knobby fabric. Other items to use might include a soft ball, a back scratcher, or a damp sponge. After you’ve gathered your goods, blindfold your partner and lead him or to the bed or other locale. Then proceed to tickle and tease your partner with the items, only stopping when he or she guesses the object.

Got your own ideas for a titillating tournament? Leave your idea in the comments!

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