There’s an episode of Sex in the City (‘The Turtle and the Hare’) when Miranda lends Charlotte her rabbit vibe (those ladies were close!) rendering Charlotte unwilling to ever leave the house. After inventing a some comical excuses, her friends catch on and proceed with the vibrator ‘interfriendtion.’ While watching that scene, I laughed at the prospect of my friends hatching a covert plan to coax (a still operating on full-speed) vibrator from my clenched hand.

lelo_ina_wave_pink_2Such a Pretty Lady

Opening the box that contained the LELO Ina Wave was reminiscent of a tittering Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know the scene—Richard Gere presents her with a necklace and then smacks the box lid down on her touchy-feely fingers. Luckily for me, I opened my box of goodness in private. Running my fingers across the shaft, I was fascinated by the silky smooth texture of its silicone covering. Everything about the INA Wave was flawless and intriguing. Its contoured design and bulbous shaft with vibrating clitoral stimulator looked so beautiful and luxe. I knew right away that the INA Wave was going to be impressive. It was art in the form of a sex toy.

This Way Please

LELO has always been known for designing some of the most iconic sex toys, and a lot of attention went into every detail of the LELO Ina Wave. Everything about this vibe screams luxury. Instead of just a vibrating or swirling piece of plastic that can easily be used as a kitchen mixing device, the Ina Wave has fluid-like motion similar to a two fingered ‘come-hither.’ According to LELO, the WaveMotion technology was engineered to replicate the stroking caress of a lover’s fingers, and I can tell you that these fingers knew exactly what they were doing. Web INA Wave Banner _1200x500

If Looks Could Thrill

Don’t let the appearance of LELO Ina Wave fool you. Though it may look like something out of a sci-fi film, there is a purpose in all of its design features and shape. Specifically crafted to work with the female anatomy, it felt incredibly smooth and comfortable when inserted and any adjustments are effortless. It’s curved and contoured shape felt natural and there was no fumbling around trying to find my G-spot. Unlike my previous boyfriends (you know who you are) she knew exactly where it was. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the flexible clitoral arm felt just like a soft vibrating fingertip.

lelo_ina_wave_pinkA Controlled Situation

To fully appreciate all of the sensation that the Ina Wave has to offer, I recommend taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how the LELO Ina Wave operates. Once again, everything is seamless with this vibe, and that includes the buttons for the control panel. Since the Ina Wave has both WaveMotion and vibration, it works with a dual mechanism. If you’re used to just holding down the “+” to turn on other toys or get it up to speed, you may have a moment like me and think “it’s broken—mine is broken.” But don’t fear; there is a middle unmarked button that turns on the Ina Wave and gets the waves in motion. The ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons control the vibrations while the up and down arrows cycle through a variety of stimulation patterns.

Blended Bliss

Once she was turned on at full-speed—holy cow! The Ina Wave felt alive, like a rolling surf of gentle yet gigantic waves of pleasure. For the first time ever (with a toy), I felt compelled to move my hips and roll my pelvis in tandem with the vibe’s motion. As I rode the continuous wave of sheer pleasure, the Ina Wave massaged and teased my delicate sweet spot while the clitoral arm vibrated me toward a blissful and powerful climax. The result—a deliciously blended orgasm that caused me to involuntarily scream ‘Caw, Caw!’ and scare the neighbors.

orgasm_whole-bodyThe First Squirt

I recently discovered that a blended orgasm is the result of both the clit and G-spot being simultaneously stimulated. In fact, it is considered the gateway to experiencing longer and more intense orgasms and can, more than likely, result in female ejaculation. The Ina Wave was so well coordinated with my body and needs, that something exciting and new happened –my first fluid induced orgasm. With every powerful pulse of my contracting muscles there was the sweet release of my lady juices. Feeling my brain light up like a 4th of July fireworks celebration, I could barely fight the urge to laugh and cry at the same time.  Even after climax, I felt like as if I were flying through an altered state of post-orgasmic euphoria.

When first hearing about this vibrator, I was a bit skeptical, and some other women I have talked to about it have said that it didn’t quite fit them. If the extended clitoral vibe doesn’t interest you, or you are concerned about it hitting the right spot, go for the Mona Wave and use the Siri 2 on your clit. The arm of the Ina Wave is flexible, but it can irritate some women or get in the way of placing the vibe where they want.

All the talk about having the most powerful G-spot orgasm seemed unrealistic, but since playing with the LELO Ina WaveMotion G-spot vibe, it’s all I can think about, and just like Sex in the City’s Charlotte, I find it difficult to leave the house. Needless to say, the LELO Ina with WaveMotion technology is a game-changer when it comes to experiencing the ultimate G-spot and clitoral orgasm.

Really, if this vibrator had text messaging capabilities, I would send it dirty pictures all day long to demonstrate what it can look forward to when I arrive back home—that’s exactly how much I love and appreciate it.