Call them whatever you want—balls, nuts, gonads, cojones, or family jewels—they are the two most complex parts of man’s body. They come in so many different shapes and sizes, that no two sets respond, feel, or look alike. Because men’s balls appear to be vulnerable and fragile, a lot of women won’t even entertain the thought of playing with them. The reality is that, although extremely sensitive to the slightest touch, the twig and berries can withstand much more. In fact, a lot of men rank getting their nuts pleasured right up there with bacon, sports cars, winning the lottery, and morning constitutionals. It can be immensely pleasurable, but the approach everything!

To develop both the skill and confidence to master the art if testicle play, we’ve come up with a few tips of our own to get the ball rolling.

Tea for Two

Though the genius who created this term is unknown, tea-bagging is a euphemism for putting a scrotum in virtually any opening. To understand this delicate task, one must imagine the dunking motion of a tea bag while making a nice cup of tea. Now instead of a mug, picture opening your mouth and letting your man (who standing above your head) gently dunk his balls downward.The endless variations is what make the tea bag so beautiful. Once there, you can gently suck or lick—moaning offers some vibration. But whatever your pleasure, be certain to raise your pinkie while tea-bagging; it’s a sign of good etiquette and breeding.

Sponsored By the Letter W

ballsHis sack is chocked full of nerves which is why the slightest temperature change and touch makes some guys go nuts when you touch it. To stimulate your lover’s arousal, you’re going to work one particular letter of the alphabet. First, place an Arche Wedge beneath his bum to elevate hips upward—this prevents any neck kinks and leaves his balls dangling for attention. Get down on your stomach and have him spread his legs wide. Then, with your tongue, start on one side of his balls and begin licking your way to the middle. Don’t ignore where they meet the body. Lick up the middle, then back down and up the other side and voila! You just licked a W around his testicles. The heat of your tongue will feel amazing and he’ll go completely bonkers.

Tickling the Ivories

All those years taking piano lessons as a kid are about to pay off. However, this sexy recital requires only your imagination and his willingness to play along. Begin by gently cupping his sack with your free hand, and then, with the other, let your fingers to play a favorite tune. Now, depending on his pressure preference, you can embrace his entire fruit basket with your hand, spreading the pressure over a wider area, or try kneading just one ball. Too much concentrated pressure and he will surely let you know. Once he begins to feel more confident in your touch, use one hand to slightly tug downward while pulling his shaft upward. Add some additional stimulation with the Hello Touch by Jimmy Jane. The fingertip vibration pods are a versatile way to create naughty but nice sensations.

$_35Battle for the Bulge

Cock rings are a very popular accessory for men of all ages. This simple accessory helps to maintain a harder and longer-lasting erections by restricting the blood at the base of the penis. By wearing a ring, it can prevent the testicles from retracting during orgasms and can prolong their climax.

Introduce your partner to a cock ring with the Oxballs Jelly Bean Cockring. Perfect for beginners, it has candy-sweet colors make it fun, the rubbery material gives a nice fit that helps it stay put. Once your partner gets the hang it, he can then begin to add vibrating stimulation with the Doc Johnson Wonderland White Wabbit C Ring which ladies benefits from as well.

When he is ready to step it up a notch, try the Oxballs Cocksling. It can be intense, but extemely pleasurable to stretch the balls away from the body. Remember to use a lot of lube as you apply one ring around the shaft and one around the balls. And be careful not to let it slip and snap back (take it from us, kinda a mood killer.) But once applied it tends to make things feel more intense and allows guys to last longer.

Shave and Play

1364484683500If you’re feeling extra scandalous, try manscaping his scrotum while he’s bound and blindfolded. Since his scrotum [while dry] is thick, he’ll be able to handle the tougher movements. The best approach is to not use any water and rely on a shaving gel and clean razor. With him immobilized, and unable to see, you can focus on giving him a audio tour of the experience. This, along with the sensations of being shaved, is bound to heighten his erotic senses. After you’re finished turning him on, rinse him off with a luxurious hot towel, and keep the magic alive with a blow job.

And keep in mind, most guys would rather shave and have their balls played with than not, so don’t hesitate to request some special grooming. You’ll make it worth his while, after all.

suffolk_paintballThe Critics Will Love You

Every couples knows that in order to keep the raging fire of passion going, creativity, mixed with some fun, is key! You and your partner can engage in some pre-foreplay fun by decorating his nuts. Try gently painting them with some milk chocolate body paint, or why not place a temporary tattoo down there (we recommend one that will wiggle with him as he moves).

The Love is Art Kit provides couples with the ability to document the beauty of lovemaking as a permanent work of art. Simply dip his scrotum into a bowl the body-safe paint and then apply to the canvas. Let loose and really get involved in the process. The reward, a framed art that is certain to become one hell of a conversation piece.

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