Love your toy but want more? Liberator’s toy mounts provide a way to get more enjoyment out of your favorite vibes by providing a supportive and soft cushion that holds your sex toy and leaves your hands free for other pleasures.

wing1One of our favorites, the Wing, is a super-dense body-length foam mount, that is ideal for straddling and putting you in a comfortable position for masturbation. It works great with dildos, but can also house vibes. When straddling the Wing during solo play, it creates the feeling that you are with your partner. We love it best for its use as a couple’s product, though. Straddle the Wing and lean over, and with your torso and hips supported your partner will have fantastically comfortable access for double penetration. Place it under your partners knees so he can thrust upwards effortlessly. It is also a shape that can vibrate, so place any vibrator on side 2 and the shape is now a vibrating mount!


bonbon4If you are looking for a Shape great for solo play, the BonBon is a fan favorite. The super dense foam holds you up securely so you can sit on top of it and leave you hands free. It works with either dildos or a vibrator. We recommend the BonBon with your partner next you, stroking and caressing you as you ride your way to ecstasy.

If you are a Hitatchi Magic Wand fan, check out the Axis-Magic Wand. We took our Axis Positioning Shape and designed a support for the Magic Wand. Pull the head out one end and the cord out the other—there is even a window to see the controls. Our favorite feature is the versatility. It is great laying down and letting your hips curve over the toy, or even standing at the side of the bed and leaning over the Shape. But use it with a partner for a whole new level of stimulation. With or without the Magic Wand, you will have deeper penetration and angles for increased stimulation all while being comfortable.


wanda3Another option for the Magic Wand is the Wanda. The slim body is perfect for riding your way to ecstasy. Either straddle or lean over the toy, it is easy to find your groove and get the pressure your body likes from the Magic Wand. Plus, the Wanda can be used with a partner for clitoral stimulation during vaginal or anal sex.

Last, but not least, we have the Pulse. This rocking pedestal is great for those who like to move their whole body with the waves of pleasure they received from their toys. The low height and width make it easy to straddle in a cowgirl position while leaving your hands free. The Pulse has two pockets—one for a vibrator or dildo and another for a bullet or small vibrator. And as with our toy mounts, it spices up couple’s lovemaking as well. It acts as support for hips in from-behind positions, and flip it over for missionary lift. Fans of the Pulse have even recommended using as a prop for your chest and neck while providing oral.


There is more than meets the eye when it comes to toy mounts. The only limit to the pleasures you can have is your creativity, and batteries, we suppose! Need help deciding which toy mount is for you? Give us a call at 866-542-7283 and we can help you find the Shape you are going to love for years to come.

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