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– Soft and comfortable
– Keeps surfaces dry
– Travel friendly/compact
– Machine washable
– Size might be too small for some uses
– Limited use


Fascinator Mini Throe - folded

-About the Fascinator Mini Throe-

If you’re in the market for some sexy bedroom accessories, chances are you’ve heard of Liberator.  Though most well known for manufacturing sex position aids, they’re also popular for their range of throes.  These unique blankets are taking the place of towels for bedroom use, absorbing fluids before they have the chance to leak onto your bedding and furniture.  But what if you’re looking for something that’s travel friendly?  What if you don’t require a full blanket to avoid sleeping in the dreaded damp spot on the bed?  Allow me to introduce you to one of the newest additions of the Liberator family – the Fascinator Mini Throe.

Fascinator Mini Throe - water pooled on surfaceThe Fascinator Mini Throe has the same great inner moisture barrier the other throes have, without having to store or tote around a full blanket.  The size is all about convenience, and is perfect for those looking to avoid getting lube or bodily fluids on the surface beneath you and/or your partner.  Unlike regular blankets or towels, you don’t have to worry about how wet the throe is getting because it won’t leak all the way through.  Liquid pools on the surface and is eventually absorbed (even after being washed and dried several times), keeping the moisture off the sheets and away from your body.

Fascinator Mini Throe - double sidedThere are two sides of the blanket; a soft velvish material for one, and a microfiber that makes up the other.  Both sides are equally absorbent, but feel a little different.  The velvish material is available in five color options, and is softer against the skin than the microfiber.  Each blanket color features a black microfiber side which is smooth and comfortable, but doesn’t slip around as easily.  In fact, when used over Liberator shapes, the material sort of grips a hold, preventing it from shifting.

Fascinator Mini Throe - on full size bedThe Fascinator Mini Throe is wide enough to stretch from one end of a full size bed to the other, and long enough for you to lay on during position changes without having to adjust it.  While it won’t fully reach across a king size bed, there’s certainly enough space for most couples to lay side by side.  The size is ideal for someone who gushes during orgasm (rather than projectile squirting) or wants to prevent lube, semen, or other fluids from getting on the surface below.  While you could lay it the opposite way if you squirt, it still might not cover enough surface area because of the size.  That’s definitely where one of the larger throes would come in handy.

Fascinator Mini Throe - washing instructionsThe convenience only gets better when you refer to the cleaning directions.  Wash in cold water on the delicate cycle, and tumble dry (or hang dry) on low.  When it comes to a blanket, it really doesn’t get much easier than that.  Even better, the quality is spot on.  From the moment it’s removed from the package, to the sixth (plus) time you’ve washed and dried it, it looks exactly the same.  Whether you fold it and tuck it among your other blankets, or leave it at the foot of your bed, it’s totally discreet and unassuming.  There is a tag that has the company name and ‘Bedroom Adventure Gear’ on it, but you can cut it off if you’re that concerned about someone reading it.

Fascinator Mini Throe - in packagingThe Fascinator Mini Throe arrives in a clear plastic bag with a thin cardboard paper tucked inside.  It shows a tasteful image of a couple and provides some information about the product.  Outside of the bag you’ll also find a sticker that tells you which color it contains (though it can easily be seen through the bag).  You can dispose of the package and paper once the blanket is removed since the only information you need is on the care tag attached to it.

-What I liked-

The size is extremely convenient and works really well for us.  I’m not typically a squirter, though it has happened before, but it’s not at all uncommon for there to be a fairly large wet spot underneath me after sex.  Our sex is frequently very wet, and I’m often left to sleep in a puddle.  It doesn’t take much time or effort to lay this blanket across the center of the bed, which makes it more likely for us to use it.

I’m extremely impressed with how comfortable it is against the skin, while working extremely well.  You don’t have to compromise comfort for performance, which is a common problem with mattress covers or bed wetting pads.  I tested it using a cup of water and while it took a moment for the liquid to be absorbed, none of it leaked through to the other side, and certainly not onto the surface below.

I love the color options available.  I chose the Espresso, a deep brown, because I wanted something that would easily match whatever bedding we have.  The other options are Midnight (black), Champagne (a cream color), Merlot (a deep maroon/red), and Plum (a purple).  While they aren’t nearly as trendy as some (the original Fascinator even comes in animal print), there should be an option suitable for most.

-What I didn’t like-

On one hand, the size is really fantastic, but on another, I wish it was just a little bit larger.  The size is 24″ x 54″, but had it been 34″ x 54″ instead, I would have liked it even more.  Though I didn’t have to, I kept worrying that my butt wasn’t high enough on the blanket, or that it was going to shift a little and my side of the bed would get wet because it wasn’t properly covered.  Not necessary concerns, but not something I want popping up in my mind while my husband and I are having sex.

The use for this blanket is limited.  Unlike other blankets, I can’t really wrap it around me if I’m cold and it wouldn’t be large enough to take with us on a picnic.  It serves its purpose, but doesn’t really stray from its intended use.  For $55, it can be used for masturbation or sex and not much else.


I’m very impressed with the quality of the Fascinator Mini Throe, love the softness of the velvish side, and find it works exactly as described.  It’s very convenient for on the go, while looking discreet sitting on the end of the bed.  However, if you’re a heavy squirter, this might not cover enough surface area for you.  Having seen the quality Liberator produces, I feel secure in recommending a Fascinator Throe if the convenience of the Mini isn’t something you really need.


The Fascinator Mini Throe was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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