Better sex means happier couples, which means happier relationships and a happier country.

For 15 years, Liberator has succeeded in providing thousands of couples with American-made ‘sex furniture’ designed to make love oh so satisfying. To achieve the goal of spreading more than just joy across our fine nation (and beyond) Liberator joined forces with one of the industry’s most talented designers. We sat down with Liberator’s Chief Design Officer and discussed designing sex furniture.

How do you begin designing Sex Furniture?

Sex comes in many forms. So, being well-versed in Kama Sutra comes in handy. Social and demographic trends also play a large role in how people have sex. Our population of Baby Boomers, for example, gives us huge amounts of input about the physical limitations of how the human body reacts to aging. Great sex should never be limited by the side effects of age, so we try to find ways to solve for that. Furthermore, the ever-growing BDSM community plays an essential role in the way people are having sex. The more knowledge we have of social and demographic trends, the easier it will be for us to fulfill their needs, wants, fantasies and desires in designing sex furniture.

Designing sex furniture usually starts with the function it is meant to serve. Our products are heavily based on core ergonomics. So, it only makes sense to start with the natural angles and contours of the human form. Depending on what each shape is being designed for, we may design contours intended for a single user (like toy mounts) or contours that create more harmony and balance between couples.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration can come in a number of forms when designing sex furniture. Sometimes we’re inspired by an article we’ve read. Sometimes a new toy will inspire us. Social trends are heavily inspirational. For example, Fifty Shades of Grey books inspired us to push our concept of “playful restraint,” This is especially good for curious couples looking try BDSM. We wanted to provide a softer introduction to the culture. Customer feedback is also insightful. We take all of our customer comments to heart when developing new ideas and improving older ones. Sometimes, the human body itself will inspire a Liberator Sex Furniture—the way we move, or the way our bodies interact with one another helps to create the shapes and contours that are incorporated into each design.
Designing Sex Furniture

What makes the fabric so special?

Designing Sex FurnitureWhen we first began designing sex furniture and making our Shape systems (i.e. the Wedge/Ramp Combo) we needed a material that would keep the Shapes from slipping and sliding around while being used. We tried a number of different materials and fabrics in the hopes they would successfully keep the Shapes connected. We also attempted a fastening technique to hold them together but found it clunky, uncomfortable, and simply not strong enough to withstand vigorous movements. Then, we discovered microfiber. The sheer strength of the fibers used to construct this material allowed our Sex Furniture Shapes to stick to each other. The fabric also ensures they won’t slide around under moving bodies. The benefit of using microfiber lets couples maneuver themselves into various positions with minimal effort. Plus, it feels really nice against the bare skin.

What makes a Liberator Shape better than using pillows? 

Pillows are often the go-to positioning prop for a lot of couples. Although pillows are great for sleeping, they are not so good for sex. That’s because pillows are designed to be squishy, soft and moldable. The problem with using pillows for sexual position support is they don’t maintain their desired shape for very long and end up compressing into a flat lump. And the last thing anyone wants, while in the throes of passion, is to call a timeout for a pillow fluff and readjustment. (What a buzz kill!) Furthermore, it’s not very hygienic. Since pillows are meant for our heads and not our bums, they can absorb sex lubes and lotions, along with body fluids, making your place of rest an unsanitary petri dish.

Designing Sex Furniture

Liberator uses a high-density polyurethane foam which offers the comfort and support that pillows (and lower quality foams, for that matter) cannot. Every Liberator Shape is held to a higher industry standard and must meet certain lifespan criteria. That’s why we only use high-quality foam that can be accurately cut and machined to create precise angles and contours. Each product that is made in our factory must hold up to our vacuum compression technology, yet be immediately ready for use straight out of the box. We want our customers to enjoy every facet of their sexual exploration for a very long time and our Shape’s are designed to offer support and comfort throughout the life of the product.

To maintain our high standards, we work directly with a local foam manufacturer in Georgia. We are proud to have our products made here in America. Not only does it allow us better oversight and quality assurance of every Shape being produced, it keeps our community stitched together with great paying jobs.

Designing Sex FurnitureWhat do you have planned for Liberator next?

Our primary focus will always be customer satisfaction. When our customers are happy, we are happy. However, instead of working to meet our customer’s expectations, we are driven to exceed them. That’s why we are always looking ahead and planning innovative ways to integrate a Liberator Shape as an essential part of every couple’s bedroom. But that’s not as easy as it might seem. Bedrooms, for many, are sacred spaces that often require a private invite—and so it’s up to us to strike just the right balance between being a part of the sexual adventure without interfering with connection or intimacy.
We work to encourage couples to let go and enjoy a wild bedroom adventure. It’s why Liberator is so thrilled to be invited into thousands of bedrooms and excited for an even bigger year ahead of us.