Liberator’s 4th Annual Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest

Art, Literature October 8, 2017

Dust off that unused word-processor put your pervy mind to work. Celebrate the art of erotic literature with the 4th Annual Liberator Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest. Submit your short story by December 1st for a chance at winning a $500 shopping spree on the Liberator website.

Deposit into your Spank Bank: Embracing your Sexual Fantasies

Sex May 5, 2016

While a fantasy about being dominant may indicate you are interested in that particular kink, it is just a part of the complex inner world that makes up your dirty, dirty mind. We say what happens in your brain, stays in your brain, so enjoy the moment and then let it go if it doesn’t match what the rest of you wants.

Oral Sex Positioning Tips for Guys

Advice & How Tos, Positions December 11, 2015

If you switch up your oral sex positioning, you will not only be able to go the distance, but also make her one satisfied customer.

Welcome to the Dollhouse: Photos by Stacy Leigh

Art, Photography October 3, 2017

The female sex doll has been around for decades. These days, however, synthetic dolls are taking on a life of their own. They can now talk and express emotions. Photographer Stacy Leigh examines the new horizons in sex with a captivating and unnerving series of mages inside an actual Barbie Dreamhouse.

The Animated Off-the-Bed Sex Position Guide

Positions September 29, 2017

A little change can provide giant results, and that has never been truer than with off-the-bed sex positions. You’re not confined to just one area of the bed or bedroom, and that freedom can take you places you never would have explored horizontally. But for some couples, trying an off-the-bed sex position can seem like a challenge.