Angle of the Dangle: Sex Positions for Couples of Different Heights

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex February 28, 2017

It sounds like doggy maximizes his impact but still have not found the perfect approach, even with all your Shapes. Unfortunately, anything with him standing is not going to work unless you are lifted up to align with his dick. Unless your man can do squats like Bruce Lee, he won’t be able to come down to your level. It’s going to be impossible for him to lower himself for long periods. It will take experimentation to find the alignment that works for both of you.

Romancing the Rosebud: Foreplay Tips for Anal Sex Beginners

Advice & How Tos, Love, Positions, Sex February 21, 2017

No longer a taboo subject, the backside is finally up front. As the media continues encouraging going in through the out door, more curious couples are going to try it. Without the proper preparation, however, the first time could be the last.

Hardcore History: Porn Through the Ages

Art, Life September 9, 2016

As it turns out, pornography existed long before television or even photography. In fact, depictions of sex date as far back as 30,000 years ago. Yes, even cavemen were jerking their gherkins to rudimentary carvings of large-breasted, thick-thighed women. This just proves people have always had an interest in images of sex. Lots and lots of sex!

The Hipster Position Guide

Liberator Reviews, Positions August 24, 2017

The undulating shape of the Hipster is sculpted to cradle the human form with high and low curves to bolster your head, back, and knees, creating optimal lift and angles in missionary or from-behind positions. It also reinvigorates oral by boosting the body to provide better access. Of course, this Shape is cut from our extremely durable furniture-grade foam, and it is covered in an ultra-soft and removable cover.

Liberator Appears on HBO’s Insecure

Sex August 23, 2017

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear will be appearing on the second season of HBO’s “Insecure”. “Insecure” is comedy-drama that follows African-American women navigating work, relationships, and love in Los Angeles. The show was created by writer, actress, and director, Issa Rae.

Wholesome to Whoresome: Illustrations by Greg Guillemin

Art, Illustrations, Painting August 18, 2017

If the idea of exploiting our cherished childhood icons like Snow White and turning her into a sex symbol seems outrageous–then you don’t really know the true origins of fairy tales. Instead of blood, gore, and murderous intent, Greg Guillemin offers us a glimpse of a simple life lived ordinary—well somewhat ordinary. In his pop art series, princesses and comic-book heroes come to life on their own terms.

Pleasures of the Flesh: Tattoo Art by Curt Montgomery

Art August 11, 2017

Curt Montgomery is not the first artist tattooing people with pornographic material. But he is one of the first to make tattoos completely irresistible. When walking into his studio you can expect him nonchalantly chewing a wad of bubble gum, while etching out squirting girls and naked breasts.