Tantric Sex: 7 Ways to Become a Magical Lover

Advice & How Tos, Love, Sex October 25, 2016

It is about love which often incorporates sex, but it is also about experiencing life. Tantra combines both spirituality and sexuality which helps deepen your self-awareness, bringing about empowerment. Tantra is essentially a sacred way of living.

Alpha Male: How to Dominate Her in the Bedroom

Advice & How Tos, Sex August 2, 2016

et’s face it. Most women enjoy a man who’s not afraid to share his sensitive side. But chances are she’s fantasizing about his strong and virile side too. She may not say it out loud, but trust us, some women like it a little rough. And having a guy to dominate her in the bedroom serves as a great way to invigorate both of your sex lives.

The Wedge Animated Position Guide

Liberator Reviews, Positions July 26, 2016

Tested by countless couples, the Liberator Wedge is designed to provide the best angles for deeper penetration and intense sensations. How can big results come from such a petite package? The Wedge is more than meets the eye—or any other body part.

Modern Love: Illustrations by Jordyn McGeachin

Art, Illustrations April 19, 2017

McGeachin’s watercolor series has technology taking center stage but in a very subtle way. She embeds each bedroom scene with some type of a modern device as the subjects sensually pose for semi-nude selfies. What Jordyn McGeachin is showing is that technology is always in reach, even while having sex—just like in real life.

Spring Cleaning: How to Keep your Sex Toys Germ-free

Advice & How Tos, Life April 11, 2017

Even if your sex toys are used by a single person, it’s a great idea knowing how to properly care for and clean your more intimate possessions. Improperly sanitized sex toys can easily build up bacteria that can lead to infections and can even transmit diseases when shared. So, we’ve asked our toy experts and they’ve passed down some important tricks of the trade to help you from start to finish.

Masked: Fine Art Photography by Frank Miersch

Art, Photography April 4, 2017

Fetish photography is not an ordinary genre. And Frank Miersch is unlike other fetish photographers. Although his work is not entirely fetish, it’s not really fashion, either. He uses latex for expressing sex and sensuality in unique ways. Come, and see the fantastic results as we journey into a new dimension of latex and masks.