The Kinky Couple’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Liberator Reviews, Sex January 25, 2016

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all teddy bears and sweets. Add some spice to your night with these unique gift ideas.


Mangia! Mangia!: Oral Sex Position Guide

Advice & How Tos, Sex September 11, 2015

Let’s face it, it’s incredibly sexy to observe someone else experiencing sexual pleasure, especially when it’s coming from you. But to get the most enjoyment from offering oral sex to another, one needs to know how to properly deliver the goods. And getting into just the right position can be a real game-changer. Without a doubt, the best way to keep going back and getting more, is to mix things up, and use new and different positions.


Slick Willy: What’s Your Penis Persona?

Advice & How Tos, Sex June 26, 2015

Understand the penis, you’ll understand, a bit more, about the man. So we’ve gone through some very deep physical therapy sessions to catch a glimpse of the various penis personality types. And of course, there are endless nuances making each penis unique and special in its own right, but these broad strokes can help you understand what you are working with.

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Liberator: On the Factory Floor

Sex February 4, 2016

Curious about Liberator, Steve from Third Base–A Show About Sex asked us for factory and showroom tour. Of course, we were happy to oblige! Here’s what happened when Steven arrived at America’s premiere sex furniture manufacturer.

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Pubic Domain: Marilyn Minter

Art, Photography February 3, 2016

Marilyn Minter’s work has intentionally, or unintentionally, created controversy, which is genius either way. Since the beginning of her career, she has vexed the critics and public alike with her interesting compositions of hyper-realistic paintings of the female form–to lipsticked smeared lips, to high-heeled feet, to full-color, full-blown provocative images of female pubic hair.


Pubic Relations: Negotiating Your Way To Better Sex

Advice & How Tos, Sex February 3, 2016

The reality to getting what you want with a new or existing partner is to talk openly about every aspect of your sex life. By communicating our feelings honestly, and creating clear limits, and then honoring them is what makes everyone happier and healthier. Here’s are just few ways to make negotiating your way to better sex feel less like buying a car and more like discovering a hidden treasure.

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Get Kinky With It: A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring the Dark Side

Advice & How Tos, Love, Sex January 27, 2016

Exploring kinks can be one of the most exciting types of intimacy, but if you’re new to the idea, you may be wondering where to start. What if your partner doesn’t like it? What if you’re not sure what you like? Kink is really personal, and no two experiences are alike—but a few basics can take your sex life from vanilla to wildberry in no time.

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