For many of us, the meaning of Thanksgiving includes a four-day weekend feasting on delightful treats and goodies. And taking some time out for some nookie. This holiday, known for its football games, parades, and family reunions, is a great time for serving up a generous helping of pleasure. Look at this way—Thanksgiving is the time for kickstarting the sexual appetite. That’s because many of the ingredients which are part of your grandma’s secret recipe call for natural aphrodisiacs.

What better time than Thanksgiving for putting sex back on the menu than with these Randi-inducing recipes.

Eau de’ Love

ThanksgivingPumpkin pie does more than expand the hips. This traditional American dessert also helps trigger the sexual olfactory nerves. According to Alan Hirsch, a neurologist at Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, “the aroma of fresh pumpkin pie increases blood flow to the penis by 40 percent.” However, it’s not only the seductive smell giving him a rise. Pumpkin pie also provides a healthy dose of zinc when consumed. So, get the blood pumping and testosterone flowing and have a couple of pieces this Thanksgiving.

Venus on the Half-Shell

Oysters have a long-standing reputation as the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac. Perhaps it’s because they remind us of the slippery and wet texture of female genitalia. Or better yet, it could be that these delectable mollusks contain enormous amounts of zinc, which is oh-so-important for testosterone production in both men and women. For men specifically, oysters are proven to improve longevity and sperm quality. With that in mind, here’s a recipe packing a powerful punch of zinc-heavy mushrooms. Oyster’s aren’t just for the ladies anymore!

ThanksgivingThe Secret Sauce

This cranberry sauce with port and dried figs recipe is not only visually appealing but is essential for boosting sexual desire during Thanksgiving. Figs are fortified with sex-drive-enhancing Vitamin A. They are also good at preventing the all-to-familiar, sleepy feeling after eating too much turkey. Figs are also sexually suggestive. When sliced, they look very much like woman’s vulva and make quite an impressive Thanksgiving holiday centerpiece. Lickity split!

The Yammy Side of Life

Who doesn’t love something sweet and delectable during Thanksgiving? The sweet potato is a staple of virtually every holiday dish. Though not exactly scientifically proven to increase the female sex drive, it can help reduce stress, especially when consumed in large amounts. What is known, however, is sweet potatoes are high in potassium and Vitamins A, C, and iron. A potent sweet potato casserole offers beneficial sex drive-enhancing nutrients of vitamins and minerals.

ThanksgivingThe Hormone Inducers

Celery is a rather unassuming vegetable, but somehow, it always seems to creep its way in almost every recipe. There’s reason for that. Men listen up, because historically, it has been used as a cure-all for impotence. Celery contains androsterone—a powerful male hormone that stimulates female sexual arousal. For all you ladies out there, while your man chews on a celery stalk, make sure you chomp down on a bit of fennel. Fennel contains an estrogen-like substance called Estriol that not only boosts the libido but can also help alleviate post-dinner bloating and cure those PMS-related symptoms.

Sweet Gift from the Gods

What’s not to love about chocolate? Not only does it pump up your endorphin’s, it also stimulates the production of dopamine which can increase a woman’s sex drive. With that being said, according to Italian researchers, women who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life than those who deny themselves the treat. So, do yourself a favor and include this Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie  along with a nice slice of classic pumpkin.

ThanksgivingLet it Flow—Responsibly

Red, red wine—keeps you rockin’ all of the time. That’s why you’ll want to keep it close this holiday! Along with decreasing your inhibitions, red wine is also rich in resveratrol, a vital antioxidant. A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found the sex drive of women who drink moderate amounts of red wine is higher than that of their counterparts who preferred other types of alcoholic drinks, or those who are complete teetotalers. The key word here is moderation. Too much and you can wake up to a killer headache.

So, for those that are prepared for some Holiday Gr-eatings. Get ready to eat, drink, and give & receive some thanks.


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