Ah winter—the time to hide away behind layers of lumpy sweaters and stay in bed until Spring. Those sexy, revealing clothes of summer are now safely tucked away make room for faux fur and flannel, and the temptation is to let our inner-bear take over and hibernate until it is warm enough to go outside again. Not exactly a recipe for romance, it can seem impossible to even imagine taking off your sweat pants, much less having swinging-from-the-rafters sex. But despite the frozen ground and blustering temperatures, turning up the heat is much easier than you imagine.


Here are a few simple tips to keep your sex life hot as the temperature drops.


171575058Get Connected

Winter snowstorms provide endless opportunities to reconnect with your partner. So instead of hiding from the falling snow, think like a really big kid. Bundle up and go on an outdoor adventure. Activities like sledding, building a “dirty” snowman or making naked snow angels sure beats arguing over who has to shovel the driveway. Enjoying each others playful manner, laughing and holding onto each other will bring you closer. When couples engage is some fun-loving activities, they find that it’s not only the love that increases, but the libido too.


Melting Point

kitchen sexStaying indoors during the winter months can mean more opportunity to enjoy exciting and tasty pleasures. Rather than sticking to your usual repertoire of cold-weather recipes, try creating some sexy meals together. Pick a night every week to cook together using aphrodisiacs—ingredients that inspire desire and heighten sex drive—such as figs, almonds, oysters, truffle oil, honey, pomegranate and ginger. You can also ignite the senses by having a blindfold taste test using fruits and sweets. And try the the Kama Sutra Milk Chocolate Body Paint to explore even further with your mouth.


Decorative Pleasures

Instead of just hibernating in your bedroom this winter, give it a mini-makeover and create an environment that feels romantic and sensual. Adding just one element, like the Fascinator Faux Fur Throe, is the best way to turn your room into an oasis of seduction. Not only will this throe make your bed look more inviting but it will keep you wrapped in luxurious warmth. When a bedroom looks inviting, you’ll find that you both want to spend more time in there—together.


Skin to Skin Contact

To take the chill out of the air, candles are an ideal substitute for casting that soft and warm glow. Set the mood and light a few LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candles. These multipurpose candles not only emit a sensual aroma but melt into a pool of luxuriously warm massage oil. And make your massage even steamier with the Center Stage Massage Platform.


1411_angela_0008Look Hot Naked

Although you may think you are warmest bundled up in a cozy robe, wearing nothing more than a pair of Barcelona fur-lined leather cuffs can go a long way toward heating things up. The sexier you feel, the more likely it is that you’ll be in the mood, and we’re willing to bet your partner will appreciate the minor wardrobe change too. Exploring some role-playing scenarios shows your partner that you are willing to fire up your passion.


Steamy Does It

The bath is a great place for a little winter escape with hot water to warm you up. There is plenty of fun, sexy things to do while you’re in the tub. For example, you could play with waterproof toys like the Revel Body Sol Sonic Vibrator. While submerged underwater, the Revel Body QuietCore creates both suction and vibration for a incredible sensation. This underwater feature will have you both spending a lot more time in soaking it up when the temperature drops.


Slip and Slide

Let the cold give you an excuse to experiment with something new. Defrost those goosebumps and keep yourself slippery with warming lube. On contact with the skin, lubricants like System Jo Personal Warming Lubricant create a warming sensation that heightens sensitivity, turning your touch into a much more stimulating experience. You could find that a pleasantly intense orgasm awaits as this type of lube has unique and tingly feeling.



superdoggyOne of the best way to stay warm is to get active, so instead of resorting to the low energy sex positions, heat things up by using positions that work out your muscles. Kneeling positions, like the Super Doggy, are good for keeping both of you active. The Wedge/Ramp Combo combined with a Liberator Lift or two, will allow you both to keep your bodies tightly wound together. Once entry is made, she can then move back and forth, and up and down, while the hips move in tandem.


Unlike bears, we don’t get to hibernate. So if cold, gray winter days and nights make you want to curl up under the duvet in flannel PJ’s with a hot water bottle until March, you’ll want to follow our guide to hot winter nights. By all means curl up under the sheets, but with your other half to keep you warm, and to bring out your true animal instincts.





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