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Sex Goals 2017: Embracing Your Sexual Fluidity

Sex January 11, 2017

More than just a trope, sexual fluidity is the fairly simple concept that “our sexual responses are not set in stone and can change over time.” Basically, it means we are not committed to one sexual identity or orientation. We are free to experience what truly matters: love and human connection, no matter the gender.

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Painterly Pleasures: Erotic Works by Katastrofé

Sex January 6, 2017

When coming across the work of the artist simply named, Katastrofe we were instantly struck by it’s mellifluous aesthetic. Her paintings feature austere characters enjoying the painterly pleasures of the flesh while engaging in subject matter ranging from sensual, private moments to intimate BDSM scenes.

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Your 2017 Sex Horoscope

Life, Sex January 5, 2017

It’s 2017, baby! Take the new year as a chance to reach for the stars, as well as amazing heights of pleasure. Let our 2017 Sexual Astrology Guide direct you on how to make the most of sexy number seventeen. Follow the signs for your best and sexiest year yet.

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