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How to Choose a Sex Toy

Toy Reviews June 12, 2017

When choosing sex toys there are nuances that must be discovered on a personal level. Sometimes, you have to try something to see if you like it. And working out the details of a particular toy takes practice. But, hey—that is the kind of homework we can get behind!

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Product Profile: Je Joue Nuo Butt Plug

Reviews, Toy Reviews May 4, 2017

The Je Joue Nuo vibrating butt plug is not just an eye pleasing sex toy, it also has a perfect fit and Bluetooth enabled control. I had a very pleasant oral sex experience after my wife nonchalantly surprised me with it. I did not feel that weird “take it out” sensation that other anal toys so commonly cause. In fact, the butt plug felt pleasantly natural while parked up my bum.

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