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He Said, She Said: Getting to know the Wedge/Ramp Combo

Liberator Reviews, Reviews, Sex June 28, 2016

It’s unbelievable how many positions can be done with the Wedge/Ramp Combo. The first night we only tried a couple, but each time we brought it out of the closet we would try something new. When I first laid down on it, I felt kind of exposed, so I wanted to take it slow so that I could build my confidence and gave us the opportunity to understand our limits.

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Behind the Design: Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear

Liberator Reviews, Sex May 26, 2016

For 14 years, Liberator has succeeded in providing thousands of couples with American-made ‘sex shapes’ designed to make love oh so satisfying. To achieve the goal of spreading more than just joy across our fine nation (and beyond) Liberator joined forces with one of the industry’s most talented designers. We sat down with Liberator’s Chief Design Officer, Dan Basmajian, to learn more about designing furniture for sex.

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What’s it like to model for Liberator?

Art, Film, Liberator Reviews May 25, 2016

Meet Adam and Vicki. These two gorgeous people are going to give us a glimpse behind the scenes at Liberator. We asked them to talk about their experiences modeling for one of the sexiest brands around, and this is their unscripted response.

Stay tuned for more videos from them to discuss all the joys and fun you can have with sex furniture in our new series, Under the Covers. We give them product and they give us their honest opinion.


Curve Appeal: Getting to Know Your Hipster

Liberator Reviews, Reviews, Sex March 18, 2016

Flipping through all the images, we playfully discussed the benefits of each, with me teasing him with which ones would be good for anal. (You should have seen his eyes light up with that one.) I wanted to feel comfortable with my bum in the air while he wanted to try girl on top. Being unfamiliar with anything other than a few pillows, we finally settled on the Hipster.

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Is your memory foam mattress killing your sex life?

Advice & How Tos, Liberator Reviews, Reviews, Sex March 2, 2016

Tempur-Pedic and other memory foam mattresses may be great for a night of sleep, but they may be ruining your sex life. Lucky for you, if you do have a memory foam bed and don’t want to get rid of it but don’t love your love life with it, Liberator products have a foam density that does keep you above the mattress and provides that needed traction and resistance.

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