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U.F.O’s: Unidentified F*cking Objects

Art, Life, Toy Reviews March 23, 2017

From genital cuffs, to radioactive alien blowup dolls, to fulfilling your Twi-Hard fantasies, there is literally something for everyone. It’s mind boggling to know that we live in an age where practically anything you can think of has already been thought of by someone else, and better yet, manifested into the form of sexual device.

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Body-adapting Toys: The Bedroom Revolution

Life, Toy Reviews February 2, 2017

There are many reasons why personalization in the bedroom, especially with sex toys, is not only better for your sex life but incredibly important. For a starter, people have different tastes and desires, so what works for you might not work for someone else. An adaptable toy gives you the freedom to choose how you use it every single time you play—the choice is truly yours.

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Your 2017 Sex Horoscope

Life, Sex January 5, 2017

It’s 2017, baby! Take the new year as a chance to reach for the stars, as well as amazing heights of pleasure. Let our 2017 Sexual Astrology Guide direct you on how to make the most of sexy number seventeen. Follow the signs for your best and sexiest year yet.

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2016 Year in Sex Review

Life, Sex December 30, 2016

Some will say that 2016 was deplorable. Others will look back fondly and focus on all the good. It’s all just a matter of perspective. Go ahead and put us in the latter camp because 2016 was definitely one for the history books, sexually speaking of course. This was the year where the worlds of sex, technology, and relationships collided.

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