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Porn & Prose: Erotic Work by Nick Smith

Art, Photography May 22, 2017

London’s Lawrence Alkin gallery recently exhibited Paramour, a provocative, erotic art series created by Nick Smith. Using Pantone® styled color paint chips, Smith fashions them together along with words and text from Shakespeare and other romantic novels. The images are accompanied by flowing text where the number of words equals the total of color chips.

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Ladies First: Photography by Lauren Carlyle Smith

Art, Photography March 31, 2017

Lauren Carlyle Smith knows a thing or two about women. She’s been photographing them in their natural environment for years. Her website, #morethanamirror shows an array of beautiful women through an unfiltered lens. There is no photoshop, Instagram filters, or trickery—just gorgeous natural light. When it comes to photography, Lauren Carlyle Smith puts the ladies first.

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