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Lusty Lit #10: The Maid

Art, Literature November 8, 2016

“Should I stop, slut?” I ask. Unable to speak, you shake your head. I am more than happy to oblige, moving from between your legs, to each ass cheek. I start down one exposed inner thigh, back up the other, then I carefully, repeatedly target your most tender place, covering every inch.

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Lusty Lit #9: 4 Senses

Art, Literature November 7, 2016

I wet my fingers between my legs and paint your face until you are glistening. I wipe the last of my wetness around your nose, surrounding you with my scent. I then pull down the blindfold so you can concentrate on your sense of smell…and not see what’s coming next.

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Lusty Lit #8: Breaking Vanilla

Art, Literature October 31, 2016

She felt his right hand with fingers spread wide squeeze into her hip as he moved matching his body to hers. The warmth of his skin felt so awakening against her exposed body she almost didn’t notice the warmer feeling as he thrust deeply finally burying his cock into her waiting wetness.


Lusty Lit #6: Great End to a Bad Day

Art, Literature October 25, 2016

As she sits up she notices me standing in the cracked doorway. She gives me a devilish grin and slowly walks toward the door. Man, she’s fucking beautiful all naked and glistening. I’m sure she’s going to slam it in my face but instead, she opens the door and pulls me by my tie to the Esse.

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