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Lusty Lit No. 1: Flirting with Maggie

Art, Literature October 18, 2017

By the time Maggie brought us the main course, Janet was softly sighing, biting her lip. I reluctantly brought my hand up from under the tablecloth, to my wife’s whimper of frustration, and Maggie’s knowing smirk. She scolded us, “I’m sorry, you have to finish dinner before you can have dessert.”

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Lusty Lit #15: Liberated

Art, Literature November 21, 2016

I let my body slip into its familiar curves and I’m instantly taken back to a particular night about a month ago, when Master used the Flip-Stage as a riser for the Esse. He said it was an early birthday present for me, a extra reward for my steady progress as his pet.

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