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Isabelle Shy: The Sky’s the Limit

Art, Film July 30, 2016

Where do you go to satisfy the cravings for a strange fetish? The internet of course! It’s a magical place filled with obscure sexual tastes that fall outside social norms. This week’s artist gives us a curious taste of an entire sub-genre of self-made films. Welcome to the world of Isabelle Shy.

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Equal Opportunity: 6 Important Porn Sites for Women

Art, Film, Life, Sex July 25, 2016

Let’s face it—everyone watches porn. Even if your boyfriend swears he doesn’t but just accept that he does. Some people watch it more frequently than others; some watch it for tips, others for pleasure. There are thousands of free videos out there, and with the ability to torrent basically anything, the world of free porn has expanded. Well, have you ever considered that there is another way to consume porn?

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What’s it like to model for Liberator?

Art, Film, Liberator Reviews May 25, 2016

Meet Adam and Vicki. These two gorgeous people are going to give us a glimpse behind the scenes at Liberator. We asked them to talk about their experiences modeling for one of the sexiest brands around, and this is their unscripted response.

Stay tuned for more videos from them to discuss all the joys and fun you can have with sex furniture in our new series, Under the Covers. We give them product and they give us their honest opinion.