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Nadia Lee Cohen

Indecent Exposures: Photography by Nadia Lee Cohen

Art, Digital Art, Photography May 26, 2015

Using elaborate props, costumes, and exaggerated make-up, Cohen executes perfectly toned images of the recognizable glamour of post-war Americana and retro Britain. A master at illustrating an era of decadence, Cohen styles all of her subjects [mostly friends] and completes each set by incorporating her own vintage regalia, which she spends plenty of time collecting.

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Digital Liquid Art by Japi Honoo

Art, Digital Art, Photography January 26, 2015

Japi Honoo has no rules and no prototypes just a simply real and self-sufficient creative mind that combines the spiritual with the sexual and the female with creation. Drawn to the Japanese culture and aesthetic, Japi Honoo expresses herself through the process of photo manipulation. The results are timeless images that are alive with movement and sensuality. See and learn more about Japi Honoo here.

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