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Share your erotic art with passionate people

Art, Digital Art, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, Photography August 12, 2014

Attention emerging musicians, erotic photographers, filmmakers and fine artists. Liberator is now having a “Call for Artists.” We support art, in all its forms, and we would love to help you reach an audience of appreciative fans.

To have your work be considered for a featured posting on Liberator UnZipped, please send us a few examples of your work to

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Ladies First: Photography by Lauren Carlyle Smith

Art, Photography March 31, 2017

Lauren Carlyle Smith knows a thing or two about women. She’s been photographing them in their natural environment for years. Her website, #morethanamirror shows an array of beautiful women through an unfiltered lens. There is no photoshop, Instagram filters, or trickery—just gorgeous natural light. When it comes to photography, Lauren Carlyle Smith puts the ladies first.

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U.F.O’s: Unidentified F*cking Objects

Art, Life, Toy Reviews March 23, 2017

From genital cuffs, to radioactive alien blowup dolls, to fulfilling your Twi-Hard fantasies, there is literally something for everyone. It’s mind boggling to know that we live in an age where practically anything you can think of has already been thought of by someone else, and better yet, manifested into the form of sexual device.

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Hymn to a Nude: Hermann Albert

Art, Painting March 6, 2017

Carefully selecting the themes, artistic media, and manner of presentation, art organizers exerted great influence over the way artwork was being produced. It was demanded that artists like Albert must embrace a socialists heroic style in all of their portraits, still lives and landscapes. Yes, Hermann Albert did do just that, but with a hymm to a nude—a sexy erotic twist.

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