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Our Top 6 Sexiest Video Games EVAR!

Art, Digital Art March 16, 2018

When you think of sexy video games, you’re probably thinking of skimpily clad female characters with giant bouncing breasts. What you may not know is sex and romance in video games have evolved over the years. Don’t get me wrong—the sexy ladies are still filling the screen, but now, there are so many options besides fanservice.

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Zak Krevitt

Pup-Centric: Photography by Zak Krevitt

Art, Photography February 23, 2018

Skirting around sex, for some artists and photographers, can become a conversation in pornography, sensationalism, if not total exploitation. What makes Krevitt’s work so unique is it’s not objectifying the LGBTQ community. Instead, his work elevates and explores individuals that are often overlooked in the world of erotic art.

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Book Review: Whip Smart by Melissa Febos

Art, Literature February 21, 2018

To believe that it is a drastically more degrading act to jerk someone off than to shove your arm up his ass is, in a sense, to believe that subjugation resides in the submissive nature of an act, rather than the sexual. But if the fisted client desires that fist as much as another desires a hand job, how is submitting to one desire any more powerful than the other?

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