In the highly competitive world of art, illustrators seem to be the one’s reaping all of the attention these days. With a myriad of artists pushing boundaries toward the erotic, it’s hard not to take notice when one particular illustrator does something different. The star for OneQ has risen and is shining extremely bright. Recognized for having undeniable talent, it’s difficult to imagine that OneQ has never had any type of secondary, formal training. Completely self-taught, this virtuoso is delighting collectors with a spectacular array of erotic works that exude sensuality and sexuality.

Breathtaking, to say the least, OneQ has developed a unique style that is multidimensional. The futuristic synth-pop imagery is masterfully mixed with some underground flavor.  Paying her homage to Japan, but not going overboard with the typical East meets West concept, OneQ has the balanced several cultural influences which stem from an interest in Japanese comic book art, Bollywood theatrics, American pin-ups, Eastern European propaganda, and eerily, cartoonish Bratz Dolls.

copyright: OneQ

Perhaps all of the women in the portraits are OneQ’s existential representations. A reflection of either who she is or who she aspires to be. Regardless of philosophy, the consistent theme throughout OneQ’s erotically charged images is a series of female character(s) who appear to have an amalgam of features which is derived from the all-American girl, the delicate Japanese beauty, and the unapologetic attitude of a Suicide Girl. The one main focus, however, that a lot of people recognize, is the early childhood influence of Manga and comic artist Jelly Bean. Thick black lines, detailed tattoos, modern and ancient backgrounds and movement all translates into a well-balanced meal of innocent, yet wickedly illustrated eye candy.













OneQ is a perfect example of how our image-laden society, along with her early artistic influences, has cultivated such a brilliant, imaginative mind. Though her process seems simple enough, it’s how she manipulates the details within the portrait. The accessories, positioning, and come-hither glance gives each character that sultry and provocative feel. When layered with background elements, and richly saturated colors, her work then becomes a complex vignette reminiscent of edgy, vintage brothel posters.







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