Since International Women’s Day last week, we at Liberator have been celebrating powerful, sexy women, and for good reason. Our products and our philosophies praise not just the female form, but also the sex-positive feminine spirit the embodies several of our role models throughout history. So, we thought, why not highlight a few of our favorite gals?

Obviously, we recognize that there are thousands of amazing ladies that have gained notoriety over the years, from Jane Mansfield for her cheeky exploits to Queen Elizabeth I for sitting alone on the throne. We know these incredible women that we’ve left out will forgive us, however, when we present the 10 we’re obsessed with (this week.)


Bettie Page

The Queen of Pin-ups

Whenever the frontrunners of fetish are named, Bettie Page is normally one of the first names mentioned. The first famous bondage pin-up star, Page is infamous for her black bangs, bright blue eyes, and exposing the kinkier side of sex to the general public. Even if she later when on to regret her Playboy model ways, we love her delight in sexuality all the same.


April Flores

The Proof the Sexy comes in ALL Sizes

April Flores (or Fatty-D to those in the know), is a fearless erotic entertainer that refuses to adhere to any societal boundary. Her varied work in the adult industry debunks the idea that thigh gaps are the sexiest thing out there, and her feminist beliefs and attitude has led her to actively support the queer community and preach on healthy body image—two ideals that we at Liberator can firmly support.


Dita von Teese

The Biggest Name in Burlesque

If you haven’t heard of this sexy creature, come out from under your rock and see the world. Dita von Teese might have started out life as a blond-haired midwestern beauty, but she literally has transformed herself into the modern epitome of the femme fatale. Called a “Burlesque Superheroine” by Vanity Fair, her burlesque strip show is in high demand nationwide for public and private events. In addition to her saucy moves, her classic style has inspired international fashion lines and her advocacy work for HIV/AIDS has helped raise awareness the world over.


Cleopatra VII

The Queen of Seduction (and Egypt)

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Cleopatra might have been one of the first women in recorded history to embody the phrase “use what the gods gave you.” She is renowned as a beauty, but it was her spirit and charm that seduced the great powers of her time. Ruling over a nation in a time where women were considered lesser creatures, she seduced Julius Caesar into an alliance by famously having herself delivered to him rolled up in a Persian carpet before becoming his mistress. She later became Mark Antony’s lover, and their tragic ending inspired Shakespeare to immortalize her in his tragedy Antony and Cleopatra and in our hearts.


Virginia Masters (née Johnson)

The Lady Behind the Science of Sex

One half of the brilliant duo that taught us exactly how sex works, Masters was truly a master. Working with her future husband William Masters, the two pioneered research on how and why humans sexually respond, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions. They co-wrote the bestselling Human Sexual Response and Human Sexual Inadequacy, and even have a television show on Showtime based on their lives called Masters of Sex. We’re all about a woman who knows what she’s doing in bed!


Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin

The First Same-Sex Couple to Marry in San Francisco (Twice)

On February 12, 2004, Lyon and Martin became the first same-sex couple to wed in San Francisco after Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the city clerk to begin providing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. However, that marriage was voided by the California Supreme Court on August 12, 2004. So, after same-sex marriage was completely legalized in the state of California for a second and final time, the pair were in the first in line again to wed on June 16, 2008. In other words—that’s true love, folks.


Mae West

The Total Package

Mae West is the epitome of beauty and wit. Infamous for her bawdy double entendres, West made a name for herself in vaudeville and on the stage in New York before moving to Hollywood to become a comedienne, actress and writer. Often the subject of extreme censor, West’s quick wit and open attitude about sexuality has led her to beloved by audiences for years after her death in 1980. We would call her good, but we know that “when [she] was bad, [she] was better.”


Mata Hari

The Spy Who Shagged You

Mata Hari’s life was the ultimate spy novel, filled with intrigue, secret codes, and erotic dancing. A courtesan of Dutch descent, she was allowed to cross borders during World War I due to the Netherlands’ neutrality in the war. While traveling to avoid the battlefields, she was arrested, charge, and convicted of being a spy and executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany. She had the kind of dangerous beauty that continues to awe us.



The Queen B.

With a career that runs rampant with success all the way back to her teenage years, Beyonce has stepped it up even more in the past year. She’s made marriage sexy again with her loving relationship with fellow artist Jay-Z, and she is unrelenting in her pursuit of having it all with her career and family. The internet—and we—bow down.

Who are your sexual icons? Leave them in the comments below!

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