It’s that time year again for capturing the erotic side of your imagination.  And with the Liberator Holiday Artist 2017, Christiane Shillito, we’ve got just the ticket. Born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, Christiane Shillit0 is a multi-layered artist. She is a model, performer, painter, illustrator, and the master of her own unique brand. Her imagination and creativity are what makes this holiday selection so special. So, without further ado, let’s get to celebrating with the Liberator Holiday Artist 2017.

Liberator Holiday Artist 2017 | Christiane Shillito

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Model Citizen

Some people may know Christiane Shillito as the famed alternative model, Ulorin Vex. She has worked all over the world and is a well-known muse for photographers like Steve Diet Goedde. But most recently, it’s her work as an artist that is gaining the attention. Her drawings are an inspiring mix of fantasy, mythology, science fiction, comic books, and fairytales. Many of her female subjects have fluid-like hands and bodies which make them appear graceful—like ballerinas. Although she is semi-retired from modeling, Christiane Shillito uses her experiences as inspiration for her work.

“I’m now taking my self-expression and using more twisted and stylized figures in my artwork.” —Christiane Sillito

Christiane Shilitto

Malady Charlotina

Every artist is a storyteller. And Christiane Shilitto is no different. According to a recent interview with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Christiane described her process for self-expression. After years of modeling as Ulorin Vex, she felt the urge and wanted to find new ways of expressing her more creative side. Her illustrations was a way of sharing another side of herself with the public. However, the artist and model were two completely different identities. The inspiration for her alter-ego emerged shortly after reading “Dancers at the End of Time” by Michael Moorcock. Christian Shilitto felt a connection with My Lady Charlotina (the eternal concubine) and used the play on word for her own website.

Liberator Holiday Artist 2017 | Christiane Shilitto Liberator Holiday Artist 2017 | Christiane Shilitto

Liberator Holiday Artist 2017

When searching for this year’s holiday artist we wanted a someone who embodies both sexuality, sensuality and visual strength. An artist who would represent the diversity of our brand through their artistic expression. Christiane Shillito fit the profile. Her work is playfully erotic and sensual while spreading holiday cheer for everyone.

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Christiane Shillito


For more information on Christiane Shilitto or to purchase a print, visit her website here.

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