Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

I packed for a weekend at my boyfriend’s place. Rushing and loaded down, per usual, I tossed everything needed for the weekend in an oversized tote. Face wash—check, toothbrush—check, swimsuit—-check.  Wait. Was I missing something? Ah, yes! At the last second throwing in my favorite sex toy, the Womanizer W500. Why not, right?

The Uber arrived with a super nice driver. We started talking. I shifted my bag to get more comfortable when suddenly, an audible zzzz could be heard through the cabin! It’s easy to say I was probably the most interesting fare of the evening.

This minor episode got me questioning. If I can’t even make it down the street without a sex toy sounding the alarm then how am I supposed to make it across the country? I don’t plan on going anywhere without my favorite travel-friendly sex toys. 

So, I decided to conduct my own research making sure no mishaps, like the Uber happen again. I came up with a few travel-friendly sex toys that make leaving home so worth it!

Travel-Friendly Sex ToysPower-free

Of course, non-vibrating toys such as a dildo or plug are the easiest travel-friendly sex toys. But there ways to make traveling with vibrating toys just as easy.

If your vibe has batteries make sure you remove and pack them in your carry-on.  Or better yet, buy batteries at your destination. For toys with no locking function, turn it on full blast until the charge runs out. This is not ideal since it will take a few hours to recharge once you land. However, it’s reassuring to know it won’t go off in the air and cause an emergency landing. 

But travel-friendly sex toys are in demand. Companies recognize the need to stress relief while traveling and have come up with some amazing sex toys like JimmyJane Form 2 and b-Vibe Rimming Plug

Size Does Matter

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a restriction on certain ‘hand-tools.’ Unfortunately for size-queens, anything exceeding 7-inches in length is strictly verboten. It could be seen as a weapon. So you are better off placing it in your checked luggage. I highly recommend the Tantus Starter for anyone who can’t leave home without it!

Kinksters & BDSM

For those who like feeling the pleasurable sting of flogger or paddle—it’s best to refresh yourself with the TSA travel guidelines . Remember, most TSA agents don’t have a sense of erotic humor and may see your pretty kink gear as a threat. And god-forbid being placed on the no-fly list. Be safe and check anything that could be potentially suspect. Better yet, mail it to your destination. Surprisingly, rope, handcuffs, and items with metal buckles are okay to carry on. 

Travel-Friendly Sex ToysLubes and Liquids

Just like hair products and face lotions, your lubes and massage oils need to be under 3-ounces. Good Clean Love and überlube both offer convenient travel size versions. Plus, Aloe Cadabra’s full-size tube is just under the 3 oz limit. Can’t leave home without your favorite liquid lube. I recommend adding some to plastic (clear) travel bottles. 

Bag Everything

Do you really want someone from TSA manhandling your favorite sex toys? You have know idea where those grimy latex gloves have been. Blech! Your dildo, butt plug, vibrator, lube, are safe especially when stowed in a large Ziplock. This also makes it easier for airport security to easily tell what is in the bag.

Even if you check your suitcase, random searches happen. You’re better off placing everything in its own individual clear bag. If you’re traveling with a Liberator Shape consider picking up a Gear Bag.

Travel-Friendly Sex ToysNo Fly Zone

Unless you’re on the no-fly list, you shouldn’t have any issues getting through airport security. But to be on the safe side, don’t pack anything you couldn’t live without or immediately replace. You light want to leave behind that beloved vibe you bought from some unnamed sex shop 10 years ago or the handmade flogger your hubby bought you for Christmas. Instead, think about picking up disposables like bondage tape or a cheap battery-powered vibe. That way, if your luggage gets lost or stolen you will still have all the favorite sex toys at home. 

Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself

You’re probably not the only one who’s been busted with risqué sex toys. Just like a doctor has seen it all—so has the TSA. Whatever your kinky repertoire, it’s probably not the strangest thing they’ve ever seen. If you want to stay below the radar, it’s a good idea to act respectful of their procedures by following the rules. 

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