We’re Calling It: THE Sex Position of 2018

Positions January 12, 2018

We live in a golden age. One where we can embrace sexual fluidity and all the pleasures it brings. That is why we are so excited to talk about THE hottest sex position of 2018. It will challenge you, thrill you, and, if done properly, open up pathways you never thought you’d love to slide down.

Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play

Advice & How Tos, Sex October 14, 2015

Each pair of boobs are unique and the women that come with them are just as different. Just because something has worked with one partner in the past, doesn’t mean the same will work for your next partner.

Big Love: Sex on the Plus Side

Liberator Reviews, Positions, Reviews, Sex June 4, 2015

I’m an unapologetic and sexy woman who weighs 300 lbs, has 60-inch hips, large voluptuous breasts, and a deliciously curvy apple-shaped ass. My body is healthy, beautiful and strong, and to celebrate it, I have copious amounts of sex with the man who loves every single inch of me. Our sex life is ahhhmazing (especially the foreplay) but due to my larger stature, we’re limited to few position options.

Our Top 6 Sexiest Video Games EVAR!

Art, Digital Art March 16, 2018

When you think of sexy video games, you’re probably thinking of skimpily clad female characters with giant bouncing breasts. What you may not know is sex and romance in video games have evolved over the years. Don’t get me wrong—the sexy ladies are still filling the screen, but now, there are so many options besides fanservice.

Unusual Sexual Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before

Sex March 9, 2018

Whether it’s anal sex or fucking a tree or licking a car’s tailpipe or covering yourself with blue cheese, as long as it involves consenting adults, then why not express those deep down desires? Stoya, the famous porn actress, said it best in the video below. “Don’t tell me I’m being bad or nasty just because you don’t like something.”

Bare USA: Brian Cattelle Art Book Review

Art, Photography March 8, 2018

To create these stunning photographs, Cattelle travels all around the United States in search of incredibly unique abandoned structures. Once there, his adventurous and extremely brave models follow him through long forgotten buildings and structures and strip naked.