Bad Mood Rising: Jumpstarting the Female Libido

Advice & How Tos, Life, Love, Sex March 16, 2016

A woman’s sex drive, just like her, can be a complete mystery. We are more prone to experiencing extreme ebbs and flows of sexual desire. One day you’re so horny, you can’t stand it, and the next day—whoosh! It’s out to lunch for a month, or two, or three.


The Cunning Linguist: How to Write Erotic Fiction

Advice & How Tos, Art, Literature November 12, 2015

Sex is an essential part of the human experience. Without it, we would not get to experience art, music, poetry, literature, and film. This is why it’s so surprising to find that erotica, one most essential expressions of sex, is not taken seriously as an art form.


A Quickstart Guide to Enjoyable Anal Sex

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex September 3, 2012

We hear it all the time…. My boyfriend wants to do anal, but just the thought of that thing in there has me freaked. What do I do? Not to worry! We’ve got the art of anal down to a science.


Culture Shocked: Sex Rituals from Around the World

Life, Love, Sex September 20, 2016

Us westerners might think ourselves as sexually liberated—or at least headed in that direction. And that may be the case, but there are some cultures who make us look like repressed prudes. It’s impossible to list all of the strange sexual customs and adulthood rites around the world, but here’s a fascinating look at some of the craziest sex rituals we have found.


Taken: How to Craft the Perfect Abduction Play Scenario

Advice & How Tos, Life, Sex September 13, 2016

My eyes popped open to see someone had opened the door. He was standing with the ambient light behind him, highlighting his large frame as it filled the doorway. The intruder’s chest heaved with every exhale, and I could feel his eyes boring into me from the shadows of his face. I closed my eyes again thinking this was all a dream. There was a rush going through my ears, and all I could hear was the beating of my heart.

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Lightworship: See It To Believe It

Art, Photography September 12, 2016

With daring models positioned in all types of alluring situations, some may think they are the centerpiece of erotic images. However, if one were to look closer—they would see a consistent theme throughout; precisely executed Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage).