Swinging Lessons: Tips and Advice from Experienced Swingers

Advice & How Tos, Life, Love, Sex January 30, 2018

All across the globe millions of traditionally married and non-married couples are consensually swapping partners. Once proclaimed “Wife Swapping” swinging has garnered more positive attention over the past few decades and is fast becoming part of the schema of marital and committed relationships.

a guide to mutual masturbation

Hottest Show on Earth: 5 Marvelous Mutual Masturbation Techniques

Advice & How Tos, Sex May 12, 2016

No matter if you have all night, are rushing out the door, or are near or across the globe, there are plenty of ways to get down and dirty with the one you love. In fact, you should be involving your partner in this intimate act every chance you get. Studies have shown that couples that engage in mutual masturbation have sex more frequently, so a richer love life.

Self Pleasure

Going Solo: The Journey to Self Pleasure & Masturbation

Advice & How Tos, Life May 11, 2016

Intentions, when mixed with self-pleasure, can be a powerful thing. Even before the touching begins, take a minute to think about what you want to achieve—other than the obvious. Perhaps you want to love yourself more, get in touch with your sexuality, appreciate your body, or simply enjoy life. Whichever the case, setting your intent can ultimately pave the way to feeling better about yourself.

Sex Positivity

Sex Positivity: What Does It Really Mean?

Sex May 15, 2018

Keeping the spirit of openness and exploration is the key to being sex positive. First off, don’t take sex too seriously and always be open to trying new things with your partner. Here are some ways you can become a more sex-positive person.

Impressive Moves: Positioning Tips for Average Dicks

Positions, Sex May 15, 2018

The average erect penis is estimated to be between five to six inches in length. If you’re one of the many who fall a bit short on the measuring stick—worry not! Because your penis can give a woman even more pleasure than a guy is who is well-hung. Read on to learn about small penis sex positions and how to make the most of all the pleasure you have to offer.

Watch Porn Together

Porn This Way: Tips for Watching XXX Together

Advice & How Tos, Film, Sex May 8, 2018

The tsunami of porn pouring through our streaming devices is not going anywhere anytime soon. But does that mean we are slipping back into a neanderthal state, only looking for the biggest tits or the money shot? Is porn, outside of those with genuine addictions, really causing the break down of our relationships?