Self-Love Artist: Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Advice & How Tos November 8, 2016

So, how do you reshape your immaculate canvas and keep things fresh? Well, let’s start with the fact masturbation is not one-size-fits-all. Some like to paint-by-numbers, while others enjoy coloring outside the lines. That’s the great thing about being your own self-love artist—you can color the pleasure any way you choose.

Private Dancer: Master the Art of the Striptease

Beauty, Love, Sex August 23, 2016

If the story of Salome has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a woman slowly peel off layers of clothing and revealing the goodies underneath. Plus, there something to be said for delaying sexual gratification too. A striptease that ends in big rewards—although maybe not someone’s head on a plate—is much more than just gyrating to music and taking off your clothes. It involves some level of performance which can get everyone excited.

Perfect Pairing: Six Amazing Sex Moves to Match Your Mood

Positions, Sex July 11, 2016

There’s no doubt about it; we are creatures of many moods. So whether you’re feeling frisky or are up for a quickie, pairing your sex moves to your mood is a great way enhance intimacy and crank up the heat. Check out these six motions perfectly matched for your emotions.

The Black Label Esse Position Guide

Positions June 13, 2017

Bondage is as much an art form as it is a means for having kinky sex. When using the Black Label Esse Position Guide you will get to experience a heightened sense of the erotic. Feel confident as you seamless move around without ever breaking the scene.

How to Choose a Sex Toy

Toy Reviews June 12, 2017

When choosing sex toys there are nuances that must be discovered on a personal level. Sometimes, you have to try something to see if you like it. And working out the details of a particular toy takes practice. But, hey—that is the kind of homework we can get behind!