Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question.

                                                       ‘Yes’ is the answer.

— Swami X

The Whirl Position Guide

The Whirl blends so seamlessly into your bedding, you might not have given it a second look. But don't let the innocuous cylinder fool you—the firm foam makes this positioning bolster strong enough to give life and movement to missionary, doggy or oral positions. It's ideal for those who don't want to worry about having to shove their Liberator ...

Power Tools: a question about which vibes give the strongest results

Asked by you, answered by Ava   Hi. I would like a recommendation for a good vibrator for my wife. We have one of the older, cheaper Rabbit knockoffs that we have been using for years, and although she still enjoys it, I would love to buy her something a little bit different that would give her a ...