Liberator’s 3rd Annual Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest

Art, Literature October 3, 2016

Time to dust off those word-processors again and put your pervy mind to use because we want to know what turns you on, gets you hot, and makes you horny. We’re looking for your erotic short story!


Cunning Linguist: How to Write Erotic Fiction

Advice & How Tos, Art, Literature November 12, 2015

Sex is an essential part of the human experience. Without it, we would not get to experience art, music, poetry, literature, and film. This is why it’s so surprising to find that erotica, one most essential expressions of sex, is not taken seriously as an art form.


A Quickstart Guide to Enjoyable Anal Sex

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex September 3, 2012

We hear it all the time…. My boyfriend wants to do anal, but just the thought of that thing in there has me freaked. What do I do? Not to worry! We’ve got the art of anal down to a science.


Lusty Lit #4: Prosecco

Art, Literature October 17, 2016

The Barcelona Collar was buckled around my neck then an Oxballs Cockring snapped tight at the base of my throbbing shaft and balls—but wait a minute. If Jenn was holding my wrists, who was applying the gear? I was then led around the room and nudged down onto all fours. My wrists and ankles were secured to the Black Label Center Stage.


Lusty Lit #3: A Story that Shaped my Halloween

Art, Literature October 17, 2016

So I found myself sitting in our SUV, eagerly (and moistly) anticipating our Halloween. My husband had been inside our house long after he’d sent me out the door. Knowing what we could be doing didn’t make me patient. Finally, I saw the downstairs light flick off. In the doorway, beneath the yellow glow of the porch light, I saw a shape. More specifically, I saw THE shape. The B. Except, my husband was wearing it.


Wild Card: The Mighty Tantus Rumble

Reviews, Toy Reviews October 14, 2016

By starting on the lowest level and increasing the power incrementally, I was able to truly enjoy revel in the experience. However, I was completely caught off guard by the powerful squirting orgasm that came following my climax. I attribute it to the Rumble’s powerful vibrations