Top Five Positions for Plus Size Lovers

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex June 4, 2015

We believe that everyone deserves the right to have great sex, and being plus-sized does not mean sacrificing pleasure. Although weight may inhibit some things, anyone with a plus-sized frame can still enjoy a repertoire of positions. Experiencing a fulfilling sex life is about looking at things from a different angle and trying a variety of things to get the juices flowing.


Not Tonight, Honey: Why We Think Women Don’t Want Sex

Advice & How Tos, Life, Love April 25, 2014

This belief held strong throughout the years and was actually used to help the perpetuation of the human species. It was deduced that the pain of childbirth would hardly be worthwhile for women if the pleasure they derived from sex was not far greater than that of men’s. Cue nods of agreement from every mother.


Boys and Their Toys: A Plea for Equality of the Sex Toys

Reviews, Sex, Toy Reviews March 7, 2014

The idea of a man using anything besides a bottle of lotion and a sock is often met with revulsion, distrust, and name-calling. What gives? Why would women subjugate men to the inequality they often face? Why there a huge stigma for men when women enjoy the freedom to explore their sexual sides through toys?


Private Dancer: Master the Art of the Striptease

Beauty, Love, Sex August 23, 2016

If the story of Salome has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more mesmerizing than seeing a woman slowly peel off layers of clothing and revealing the goodies underneath. Plus, there something to be said for delaying sexual gratification too. A striptease that ends in big rewards—although maybe not someone’s head on a plate—is much more than just gyrating to music and taking off your clothes. It involves some level of performance which can get everyone excited.


Peaches: The Cultural Provocateur

Art, Film, Music August 23, 2016

Peaches is a mohawk-sporting, crotch-rubbing cultural provocateur. Sweet and juicy, her musical live performances are productions meant to ruffle a lot of tail feathers. Her gender-bending identity is ballsy and contains a smooth mix of sexual imagery with some John Waters quirkiness.

Music for the Moods

PlayList: New Music to Move You

Art, Music, Sex August 23, 2016

It starts in the toes, then moves up, slowly caressing the sensitive places behind your knees. Your hips are taken over, swaying with an invisible force. It is powerful, and you cannot resist its allure as it pulses through your fingertips. Your body is not your own, but you like what has taken control. There is no release except surrender.


Pee or Not Pee: The Truth behind Squirting

Advice & How Tos, Sex August 19, 2016

The first step to making any woman squirt—is making her comfortable. It all starts in her mind, long before you are actually having sex. Don’t pressure her, don’t place expectations on her. If she feels like you are expecting her to squirt and she cannot, the frustration may ruin your chances.


How to Deep Throat like a Pro

Advice & How Tos, Sex August 16, 2016

With the average mouth depth being only 3 to 4-inches, and the average penis length at 5 to 6-inches, it’s no wonder why some people have trouble gobbling the knob. But it is something that can be learned. Deep-throating your lover one inch at a time can be fairly easy, once you put your mind where your mouth is.